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Do you ever have any luck at Casino slots?

Asked by Gemini (495points) April 14th, 2010

BTW, no gambling problem here. My sister and I go 3 times a year for fun and I almost always lose, but I have fun playing. I know these games are random, but I can never decide whether to stay put on one machine or keep moving around. Any thoughts or experiences?

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Not me,but everyone I’ve ever gone with does.
The first time I went,it was with my brother and he showed me what to do…put the coin in and pull the handle and wait for 600 dollars in coin to come out.It was so easy for him..Ah talent!LOL!

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Nope. I prefer video poker over that and poker tables over video poker.
After a while, if you’re losing your ass on one machine, sit at the one directly next to you and try your luck.
My friend, Ed, decided to play video poker one time and continuously moved down the line to each free machine. He won tons of money at each machine, but then lost it all when he went back down the line again. Bahaha. Sucka!

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I usually can win enough to play with their money for the day. However, two days before Christmas I hit $2,567.19 on a dollar slot machine. I usually don’t play those, but I had $13 left and figured I would try my luck. It was quite exciting! Of course, after taxes you feel kinda deflated…but still – I left with $1,918!!!

I like to move around. And it depends on whether the person next to me is smoking or not – if I’m winning though, it makes it annoying! LOL.

My husband will put a dollar in. If he wins 50 cents he is ready to leave. So, I hardly ever go with him. I also only go three to four times a year for fun.

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I personally think its a waste of time and money, my sister and mother go 4 times a month, they love it. they have both won big amounts of cash at times and lost everything at other times. But to answer your ques. I guess they stay put on one machine.

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Ha! I go about twice a year. I allow myself to lose what I consider the price of an evening out, and that’s it. I’ve won a couple of hundred bucks here & there. I think the biggest at one time was $660.

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Yes, all the time. I do win every day. All the money for the casino slots go into my savings accounts. It’s just basic math.

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A few times…rarely go also!

First time I went, it was the Fourth of July, decided today would be a good day to play red, white, and blue…hit it for $2500. Never hit one bigger since then…loll

Now, only play free slots on line to pass the time!

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I’ve always had good luck with the $1 wheel of fortune slots. Max bet every time.

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I think they are fun. The most I ever won at one time was $900. I had to go home then.

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Wife and i are very lucky(blessed). if i am having a no win night, then its usually my wife that has all the luck and vice versa.

The most i have won at one time was $9,720.00.

The most i have ever won for the least amount of money played is $2,500.00 on a dollar machine with only two dollars!

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Long term nobody will have any more luck than anybody else as all will lose. It’s how these things are programmed.

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No one in my family has ever been lucky at Casino Slots but I got a cousin who once got lucky with a couple of sluts at a casino,,,does that count ??? : D

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A casino is the best business: people give you their money, you give them nothing in return, and they leave happy.

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@bob_ lol..mostly, you give them your $$$ and they give you nothing in return and you leave, not happy!

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