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Can two different animals breed?

Asked by MorenoMelissa1 (1140points) April 14th, 2010

I love rabbits and I love cats. One day I had a thought. What would a catrabbit look like? Could this be done? How long would it survive if the experiment worked. What is your view on animal cross breeding? What would you think of a catrabbit?

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That will never naturally happen in our entire life. I’m rational. But if your like that fantasy let us just hope that someday our biotechnology will advance at the state where animals cross-breeding is possible(They’ve already cross bred The ‘Topato’ or Tomato-Potato,tomato on plant on the top and potato plant one the bottom,both are combined as one single body.).

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Bulldog & a shizu, bullshit aww bless.

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@Doctor_D I would love to try that vegetable.

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i saw a show on blue whales and they were doing DNA testing of whale meat sold for consumption in Japan, to ensure that no blue whales were being killed illegally. They found some whale meat that had the DNA of two different species of whales, which they did not know could happen. I guess way out there in the ocean anything goes, and the chances of humans finding out without technology would be very slim!!

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Depends on how similar they are. See @unique‘s post.

I would absolutely love to see a catrabbit, though. Those are two of the few things I actually like on Earth. A combination would be amazing.

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great question, would love to see more pics too

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Not a cat and rabbit. Very different chromosome amounts forbid that monstosity from existing.

(Cats have 38 to rabbits 44.)

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@MorenoMelissa1 Unfortunately they haven’t commercially sold for public(Still under certain test). Studies show that biotechnology created plants are strong against natural plant disease but can also cause DNA changes if it’s eaten by human(Or even cancer). Let us eat our healthy organic vegetable!

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@Doctor_D Being able to grow plants without the use of water or soil that would be quite a feat right there.

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@MorenoMelissa1 I’m so agree with you! I also adore our organic seedless fruits!

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@Doctor_D to be honest I had plans of trying to cross breed those two animals together and document my findings. However I think it would be best if I didnt try to do such a thing.

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I think crossing a human with a creature would be even better. Imagine a human with the head of a wasp, or a human head on a dog.

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@MorenoMelissa1 Animals from different species can’t be cross bred with each other(at least for now). Only between subspecies it would be possible(Zebra-Horse,Leopard-Tiger,etc),even if that happened,their offspring will usually fertile or can’t survive their first day,or even develop many abnormalities. Lets hope our future Biotechnologist can do this someday,okay?

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I say leave well enough alone.

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They both have the same number of corresponding chromosomes, otherwise, no. That’s why different breeds of dog can breed to broduce a mixed breed, and why a horse can breed with a donkey to produce a mule, but a human can’t breed with a gorilla.

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Our children raised chickens and mallard ducks several years ago. One egg hatched half chicken half duck. The bills were half and half,the feet looked more duck but didn’t look like the other ducklings feet, and the poor ducken/chickuck only walked in reverse. Eating was very difficult. We had to sit him directly in a pan of mash and hope he wouldn’t run off. The other chickens and ducklings avoided him and he only lived 10 days.

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They can try.

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Sometimes you can do it (donkey and horse produce mule), sometimes you can’t (Amy Winehouse and any known species)

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Sometimes subspecies as mentioned but these are generally sterile.
I think Catwoman got with Batman

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@MorenoMelissa1 Breeding two extremely seperate species, like cats and rabbits, is impossible, but with technology like genetic engineering, with gene splicing and all that crazy technology, it may be possible to create such a beast, but only in with scientific methods like in a lab. Naturally it could never occur. And about that growing plants without soil thing, its called hydroponics, they’ve already made advancements in that field, really extraordinary technology, not sure about being able to do it without water…yet
oh and @beautifulbobby193 ,you’re sick

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a plant crossbreed would be the broccoflower

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Good question, of course it can, and your example even excist! i´ts called a CABBIT. you should look down on the internet. and a horse and a donkey is also a combination.

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Genetic engineering will eventually be able to create a catrabbit. But do we really want this? Suppose you’re a kid and you learn one day that your father was a chimp.

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@Eleonora… ya they call that a horses ass.

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for now, we can breed 2 species that are very closely related, e.g. a horse and a donkey to get a mule, and a lion and tiger to get a liger. But, as already mentioned above, with genetic manipulation, unrelated species can be bred, e.g. cabbit, topato.

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People forget Ron Reagan was a popular movie star.

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@SeventhSense That’s not true. He was NEVER popular.

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Not true. Don’t let politics get in the way. He had a seven year contract with Warner Brothers and many of his movies received good reviews. He was never A list but for a B movie actor he wasn’t half bad for the time.

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@SeventhSense Exactly! He was never an A or B list actor! He was a hack, and a really terrible actor. Can you name a good movie he made? Kings Row? Knute Rockne, All American? Bedtime for Bonzo? These are his best known, and they are not big on sales, even today.
Politics aside, his acting skills improved by the time he was in the White House.

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Good Lord, we are off topic, unless I can find a photo that makes people think Nancy was not human…



Her seperated at birth twin

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I plan on breeding a chicken and a duck so I can have myself a “Chuck”.

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@AstroChuck Will you eventually make Turchucken out of it?

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