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What is considered a "man's drink" at a bar?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1510points) April 14th, 2010

So my friend recently discovered and began drinking a drink called a “Side Car”. Ive never heard of it, but this old Irish bartender called him an old lady and said it was an “old lady” drink which i found pretty funny.

It got me thinking, what exactly is a “manly” drink to order at a bar? Ive been wanting to change up the usual constant ordering of beer and was looking for some ideas.

The only liquor that doesnt sit well with me is Jack Daniels, anything else im open to trying. Anything thats good to sip slow and relax with.

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Mojito = not manly.

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Can’t really go wrong with beer, particularly if it isn’t light.

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Long Island Iced Tea.
Gin & Tonic.
Whiskey Sour.

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Boilermaker. Just a beer and a whiskey. No frills no fuss. All manly.

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anything served neat.

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Crown Royal and Coke ( my favorite)

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Im always drinking beer though, usually Guinness or Sam Adams if its a week day. Week nights when we go out its straight for the cheap shit and shots of tequila.

Just need something to order when im with the ladies :D.

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All guys seem to drink jack and coke. I drink whatever the fuck I want though. No one is putting me in some ignorant stereotype. I drink beer, wine, and any mixed drink.

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Singapore Sling ~

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@Blackberry My father drinks Jack & Coke, a lot. I swore id never drink it, makes me angry just like him lol.

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Anything a man wants to drink is a man’s drink.

I know a former All Conference College nose tackle that drinks fuzzy navels.

I like Rattlesnakes myself > tequilla, tomato juice, tabasco sauce in even portions in a shot glass.

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Whiskey and coke is for people who can’t handle whiskey.
Adding coke to a good whiskey is sacrilege.
The Irish place down the street will straight up kick you out if you do anything like ask for some coke in a glass of GlennMorangie.

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Jack Daniels straight up.

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Scotch neat, or Scotch on the rocks.

@janbb My dad used to like Singapore Slings.

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Martini shaken not stirred. You can’t get much manlier than James Bond.

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I have a hard time understanding how manliness is determined by how much distilled poison one can drink…...That’s like saying a real man uses duct tape on a severed digit instead of going to the hospital. I’ve noticed that being a man just requires being able to do stupid shit without whining to a lot of people.

People should drink what they want because it tastes good to them, not because their buddies told them to guzzle something that tastes like rubbing alcohol so they can be accepted.

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Irish Car Bombs for fun, don’t forget to slam it down when you’re done. Otherwise I’m always a fan of a good Scotch or Irish Whisky. Right now I’m (and I mean as I type this) I’m drinking Clynelish 14 year, neat, if you don’t have a preference I suggest asking for a tasting. Another good staple for myself is Johnny Walker, black on the rocks, or blue neat. For for irish whiskey Bushmills 10 year neat or on the rocks and Jameson 18 neat with just a drop or two of water always goes down well.

In the end, try what you want and drink what you enjoy, you’ll be better off for it.

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It’s about a “manly” drink. Not about the quality of a person.
If my best friend liked cape cods, I’d still hang out with him because he’s my best friend.
Probably rib him a bit for drinking a girlie drink too but we’ll still hang out.

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Warm milk with sugar.

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What is “neat”?

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a dirty martini with like a rack of some big-ass green olives.

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@Captain_Fantasy Yeah there’s nothing wrong with ‘ribbing’, but I have encountered men and women that actually have a problem with a man drinking anything other than beer and hard liquors like whisky at a bar. Would people complain if we just drank everclear straight lol?

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A shot of whiskey with a beer on the side. A blah and blah (jack and coke, bourbon and coke etc). Or any call/top shelf whiskey, scotch, vodka straight.

Girlie drinks typically tend to have a fruit flavor, be brightly colored or have rum.

I don’t agree with these things- it’s just more gender stereotyped bullshit that people fall into the trap of. Side note- asking for a boilermaker, flaming dr pepper or Irish car bomb will get you thrown out of my bar.

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Scotch is the manly drink, but I’ve always preferred bourbon.

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If I saw someone drinking everclear straight, I’d call them dumb. That’s not about taste at all, it’s about getting wasted.

If someone has a problem with what someone else is drinking, that’s not someone I’d hang out with.
Ribbing=ok, discrimination=not ok

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You know, it occurs to me if I saw a guy just drinking a straight glass of Jaegermeister, I’d probably shake his hand.

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Lol does anything go well with Sprite? I do enjoy Sprite.

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@evandad a little Pappy Van Winkle with a few dashes of water, yes please!

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Vodka and cranberry works for me ;-)

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@cockswain been there done that, gave the Tee shirt to the barmaid.

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Just avoid anything that ends in -tini, unless it begins with “Mar”

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@JesusWasAJewbot white rum and sprite with lime is some sort of drink but I don’t know the name. Diet coke and a dark rum with two limes is always good on a hot day.

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@JesusWasAJewbot Neat is no ice or water, just scotch.

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@WestRiverrat Seriously? You must have specially tailored pants to fit your balls.

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well, she wouldn’t enter the wet T contest unless she had a dry shirt to get into afterwards, And the shot of Jaeger was cheaper than buying a shirt from the bar.

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@WestRiverrat I’m talking about a glass, like 12oz.

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Ok so im still lost….

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You have never seen a shot in a SD cowboy bar have you?

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Beer or anything on the rocks.

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EverClear, manliest drink currently existing

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Now if you are really brave you can have a cobra venom gland in a shot of Cutty Sark.

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Maybe someone can help me understand…...The whole straight liquor on the rocks thing: Do people actually think that is good? Is there some actual flavor in it they taste when they sip it? To me, those types of alcohol are only for shots and mixing because they are so strong….It seems like it would be hard to enjoy something so strong.

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A fine quality whiskey or scotch would cause you to change your mind.

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@cockswain What are some high-quality whiskeys and scotches? What do they taste like?

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A real man doesn’t need a drink.
“No thanks, I’m driving.”
“No thanks, it affects my performance.”
“No thanks, I have to get up in the morning.”
Any of those answers will make a real woman hot for you.

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@worriedguy . . . I tend to define a “real” woman as one who was born with, and still sports, a vagina, so to say that only “real” women get hot for sober, responsible guys is kind of a drunk, irresponsible thing to say.

then again, I am my own biggest enabler. :)

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I don’t drink, because all my medication bottles say “DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL” with skulls and crossbones.

However, as a lady that has KISSED many men after a drink, I would like to give you a lady’s perspective.

Kissing a man that has been smoking tastes like licking an ash tray.
Kissing a man that has been drinking beer tastes like… belches when a little barf comes up.

Kissing a man that has been drinking whiskey, oh sweet heaven take me home now.

Kissing a man that has been drinking Captain Morgan straight… orgasmic.

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@escapedone7 Just having a beer with a valium or vicodin is an awesome experience.

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Scotch and a splash of water on the rocks. A decent blend, like Dewars

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What ever the lady is having except make it a double!

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Scotch on the Rocks
Martini- Dirty or Dry but nothing other than onions or olives.
Wine- Red
White with dinner only but never as a spritzer
Apples, or watermelon, fruit of any kind is just asking for a bitch slap from Mickey

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Drinking cheap whiskey directly out of the bottle and having a 5 o’clock shadow.

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I have another answer, from a more personal perspective.

You’re ok, as long as what ever you’re drinking isn’t girlier than what I’m drinking.

If it’s beer, go big or go home. I drink Guinness, Newcastle, Black and Tan, etc. If the word “light” is on the bottle, you lose.

There are five possible ingredients to a Martini. They can be in any combination and are as follows: Gin. Vodka. Vermouth. Big Damn Olive. Lemon twist. That is all. Period. Don’t argue about onions, that makes it a Gibson, and no longer a Martini.

If it in any way resembles a Slurpee, you lose.

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Of course the one exception of picking up a fruity drink is to throw it in another man’s face during a bar brawl.~

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@Seek_Kolinahr You would really judge a man by what he is drinking like that? But what if he is a great guy otherwise lol?

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Old Fashioned

SeventhSense's avatar

Hmmmm…your name is already suspect.

SeventhSense's avatar

Oh no Mick’s coming over…

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@SeventhSense At last, someone with balls enough to suggest red wine.

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Hey if it’s good enough for Don Corleone…

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Whiskey neat or Warm Sake. I would mess with anyone drinking either.

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Bloody Mary, Gin & Tonic, Old Fashioned, Dirty Martini, scotch neat.

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My theory is, real men drink whatever the heck they want.

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I drink pure alcohol. Sure, I’m blind, but nobody’s calling me a sissy.

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I wouldn’t judge him for it… but I will reserve the right to lightheartedly make fun of him. ^_^

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You dropped your umbrella.

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whisky or scotch and water…

my momma drinks whisky sours…..

if you like sprite….7 and 7

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Whiskey neat.
Old Fashioned.

Really anything as long as you use a stripper as a coaster will make you look pretty macho.

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Unfiltered and unpasteurised cask conditioned ale.

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Old Crow straight, and make sure the glass is dirty.

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The only thing that will make it a man’s drink is the person drinking it.

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Thunderbird or Mad Dog 20/20

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Glenfiddich with a Bass IPA chaser. And keep the oysters coming, my man.

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@jazmina88 Might try that 7 and 7.

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Blood in the platinum-lined skull of a vanquished enemy, with a lime twist and a snake venom chaser! Yaaaaarrrrrr!

What, not manly enough?

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Prune juice, a warriors drink.

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At Achilles Rest Home for fallen warriors of course.

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Aprilsimnel, how did you know? I just added that to our spring drink menu.

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Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster?

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Seek_Kolinahr ROFL, Blood wine, scalding hot, isn’t too shabby either. Or Romulan ale, but it must be poured at least one meter, to let it breathe.

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Ok now we’ve entered the geek drink forum.

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Drink what you like and don’t worry about what others think. I like gin and tonic and was drinking one in January. A friend told me that it was a summer drink. I don’t care and drink it any time I want.

Being confident and not worrying about what others think is manly, not what you drink.

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