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why are people so rude on Fluther?

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) March 10th, 2008

Why all of the negative comments?

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Because as adults we are jaded as f***...I see the same stuff on Yelp from people who have “been around”....

Doesn’t really help when people ask really inappropriate questions for this website…

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I apologize if I ever was rude!

…But your questions almost beg for snark – “do aliens exist” and I’m pretty sure no one will ever forget when you asked if being “psychic was a sin?”.

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Because people are trying to preserve the value of the community that’s being lost, and being rude to people who are part of the reason that the community is being lost is one way to slow that erosion.

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Sqirbel said it.

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jeez sorry for my terrible questions!

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not all people are rude. But I have noticed It too. I don’t think any question Is dumb.

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don’t be sorry. They arent terrible or,,,... What do you community of elders call it, snark??? Haha. Seriously, snark?

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I wonder if it’s a little like asking, “Why are people so rude to me when I talk really loudly on my mobile phone in a restaurant?” Theotherkid, I haven’t seen the questions you’ve asked, so I’m not in a position to comment on your particular contributions. All I can say is my experience of Fluther has been mostly very positive with people engaging in spirited and usually supportive discussions. When there’s rudeness about, it’s usually based on a misunderstanding prompted by the vagueness of the medium.

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You have to grow a thicker skin if you are going to ask odd questions. Sometimes it’s just hard not to give a sarcastic answer. Just put your big boy panties on and laugh it off.

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You know what? Where else could I ask dumb questions? Isn’t this why Fluther was made? If I asked a dumb question to a person face-to-face in the world we live in today some different responses might occur. I might not be liked by that person or they might think I’m weird (which I’m sure you all do.) They might start spreading rumors ETC. At least on Fluther people do not know my true identity and these things wouldn’t occur…I’m sure everyone here has asked a question that they wouldn’t ask in real life.

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Sorry, Theotherkid; I did not mean that your questions were dumb. I understand you may have genuinely wanted to know. But the fact that your questions came in with the flow of other people’s questions (why is the sky blue? Should I ride my skateboard tomorrow? Is the iPhone awesome or what?) made it hard for some questions to be taken seriously.

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hahaha!! Big boy panties! Scamp.. Your hilarious.

Yeah, you just can’t really let things get to you theotherkid…..

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Thanks for that segdeha that makes me feel great. :-(

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Sorry if I blew your cover…

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My actual point was that you’re right, the intertubes afford a certain level of anonymity that means you can feel comfortable asking perfectly legitimate questions that might be embarrassing to ask IRL.

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Here’s an idea for you. Look at other people’s scores. Then click to see the profile of the ones with the higher scores. Look at the type of questions they asked and answered. That should give you an idea of how Fluther works.

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I never understood territorial behavior among surfers until now. (ocean not Web)

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Hehe.. very inspiring post kevbo…

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Some people just ARE rude. Not all of us though… thankfully!!!

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if you want to ask dumb questions, yahoo! answers is ready and waiting.

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yeah there are questions weirder than mine on yahoo.

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sorry about the dog thing. I didn’t know it was a joke. It’s funny. Have noticed how this question has gone completely off-topic though? It’s weird how things can end up. ;-)

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@Theotherkid, “Where else could I ask dumb questions? Isn’t this why Fluther was made?” Actually, I think Fluther was made (conjured, constructed, devised, designed) as a place to ask intelligent (interesting, thought provoking, enigmatic) questions and to receive replies in kind. Why would anyone want to elicit “dumb” questions? Or is that a dumb question?

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I’m new at the site. So, what questions should you ask? I thought that we could ask any questions that we wanted. If you don’t like the question just don’t answer.

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That statement went out to people that thought that some qustions were dumb questions!

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Most of the rudeness generally occurs from questions that have either been asked before or are easily answerable from google or wiki. Gildo why would you want to waste amazing potential of fluther on a “dumb” question?

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People are rude because people are different. What one person considers rude, another doesn’t. Some might label it disturbed or insensitive.

I haven’t checked to see what exactly the terms are, as far as moral or behavioral code are, but if the behavior or remarks fall within those parameters, I don’t really think that we have the right to judge others by their statements or chastise them into different behavior.

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Im not rude, in just sarcastic. And its only because I dont know any of ya, so I can say anything I want to you. And its like wth are you gonna do about it. Ya know.

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