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When using APA 5th for a "non-psychology" paper, should you always use page numbers for in text referencing?

Asked by j0ey (2429points) April 15th, 2010

I am a third year psychology student, and have never been penalized for how I reference in essays and reports.

I have taken a study of religion class as an elective this semester and have been marked down heavily for not including page numbers in my in text referencing. Unless using a direct quote, I have never before included a page number in my referencing, as that is how I have been taught.

Is referencing different when you are writing outside of the behavioral sciences?

We were told we could write in any style we were used to when given the project.

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If you’re using word ‘07 you have the option of going to your reference and editing it. Right click on it. It will allow you to add page number and even remove author or date. Ask your instructor exactly what he/she is looking for and ask for a formatted example.

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@Trillian, But it is not correct in APA 5th to use page numbers usually. It has nothing to do with what the individual instructor is looking for really….It is what is right on an academic level, which should be consistent all the time. If they allow you to write using APA 5th, they should mark you accordingly to what is correct within that style.

I was just wondering if it is possible for APA 5th’s rules to change at all when the writing is not for psychology.

But thank you for your help.

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you are correct that you should only cite page #s when directly quoting…as far as using APA outside psych, there’s no rule because it’s meant FOR PSYCH PAPERS! crazy instructor…but easy solution: ask your instructor what he/she wants. works everytime :)

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@msbauer…unless it’s due tomorrow…

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@WolfFang oooooh bummer dude!

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@WolfFang I have actually submitted the paper and have got it back….I’m meeting with the marker today to contend the grade.

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