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What are some healthy food concoctions (no beef nor chicken) that are high in protein?

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 15th, 2010

Seafood, grains, veg, beans of all sorts, little or no dressing/sauces is what I’m looking for.

And, they must be tasty! :)

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fried eggs, fish, insects, shrimps, takoyaki

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Fish tacos:

Fried or grilled strips of a firm white fish
pico de gallo
shredded cabbage

Roll up in a tortilla
Optional: Top lightly with a lime juice, cilantro and mayonnaise dressing or just squeeze lime juice on top

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Soy products (like tofu) are a good protein substitute and absorb the flavors of whatever they are cooked with. Even the textures are easy to manipulate by preparation method.

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...non-fried eggs (prepare them however you like them), whey protein, lean cheese, cottage cheese.

Many nuts are high in protein too (like peanuts), but apparently vegetable proteins are “incomplete” proteins, contrary to proteins from animal-based foods.
I’m not sure how that works, but feel free to look it up.

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I adore Quorn products!
They are low fat and very high protein and really yummy! :)
I am a vegetarian myself and was having trouble getting all the protein I needed, especially seeing as I don’t eat very much in the first place.
Quorn is really healthy and delicious, I know from my meat eating days that I much prefer it to real meat.
I especially love their bacon style rashers omnomnomnom

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Vegetable omelette, you only use a tiny bit of oil to start it off because most of the cooking is actually done under the grill.


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I eat a can of tuna with no embellishments! You might think it’s yucky,but it’s so easy ! Here is the recipe:
Struggle with the cheapo can opener until you get the top off
Squeeze all the juice out into the drain
Take a fork and dig in
Do this over the kitchen sink-it’s all about ambience,you know!
Get a big glass of water to choke it down with and you are golden!
You will be pain-free in minutes :))

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@lucillelucillelucille: You forgot to give the juices to your cat. That is vital.

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Cheese omelet

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@gailcalled -I have done exactly that and they love it :)) I have two Maine Coons that eat like horses.LOL

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You can scramble eggs in the microwave with a t. of water, some lo-fat cottage cheese or mild salsa. The miracle meal – quick, easy, high protein and low-fat and one dish to wash.

Brown rice, beans, corn and salsa with a smidgeon of mozzarella cheese.

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Quinoa pilaf

Quinoa is a complete protein. I’m an omnivore and I like quinoa very much.

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@aprilsimnel: Really? That is good news, except that I don’t have a strainer with fine enough mesh.

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Protein Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie
my personal summer fave

3tbsp peanut butter (I use PB that is only peanuts)
Cup of soy milk
1 banana- sliced
4–6 cubes of ice

Blend and drink immediately. Yummmm

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@gemiwing Sounds yummy! I’m going to pick up some organic, natural peanut butter this weekend. =)

@TheOnlyException I’ve never heard of it. I’ll give it a try, though.

@gailcalled that’s exactly what I’m looking for – beans/brown rice with some flavoring. And, I love salsa mixed in with my eggs.

And fish tacos? Sounds yummy, as does the rest.


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@jjmah : You can use black, white, navy, pinto, azuki etc beans. And to me, salsa is the magic ingredient.

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baked corn chips + dip made from: 1 can drained black beans, 1 cup yello corn, salsa to taste (jarred or fresh pick de gallo) + garnish with dallop of fat free plain yougurt (in place of sour cream)

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turkey cassarole.

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yes I was being sarcastic. There are ton of recipes. Dont take my word for it. Try them and find out. I eat salmon and rice with olive oil every now and then. I think it’s pretty tasty.

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I think baked tofu is great and seitan is yum too!

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I’ve been obsessed with a modified version of a lassi. I put some yogurt (I like using Chobani Greek plain yogurt), milk, and fruit juice (mango nectar, oj, whatever) in a glass and stir it. It’s a lot of protein but also a lot of carbs/sugar because of the juice, so using whole fruit with a blender is prob a better idea but I’m lazy.

I also was doing a tofu scramble every morning for quite a while. I modified it to include whatever veg I had left over in the fridge and I would an egg or egg white in with it.

Another recipe I really enjoyed was sort of like a warm pasta salad. I used mozzarella instead of goat cheese though and it sort of disappeared into the pasta which was disappointing, but I didn’t shred it so it was my own fault.

Another thing I tried and turned out better than I thought it would was a spicy bean soup. First you saute some onions and garlic in some olive/canola/whatever you like oil in the bottom of a sauce pan. Add two cups of water (maybe a little more I forget), a cup of cooked brown rice or wild rice, a half a cup (or more) of beans (whatever kind you like). Season with cumin, cayenne, oregano, and ground cloves, as well as some sea salt and pepper. Let it simmer for 30 mins to an hour and top with some mozzarella cheese (if you want, I didn’t and it was still good). I also added some mushrooms to it, so you can really throw in whatever vegetables you’d like.

Or you could cook some beans (black, kidney, navy, whatever) in a skillet with some tomatoes (fresh or canned) with some garlic and olive oil. Put it over some whole wheat spaghetti or even rice noodles and add some cheese if you’d like.

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I just had this for din-din, “Brown rice, beans, corn and salsa with a smidgeon of mozzarella cheese”.


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Chile with tofu and beans.

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Last night I made a Korean dish called jamppong, using this recipe by a New York based Korean lady. The recipe includes an easy-to-follow video and a picture glossary of ingredients. If you like seafood, and have access to a Korean store, this is delicious. You can add or subtract ingredients according to your taste (she uses pork and seafood but I just used squid and shrimp), and she provides a non-spicy version of the recipe if you don’t do spice. Mmm, love it.

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@jjmah I just realised my response was quite saucy when you specifically requested no sauce – sorry about that! It’s not a very rich sauce, mind you.

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Chile has sauce too. It is hard to come up with something that has no sauce.

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I eat almonds. Lots of protein in almonds.

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@philosopher @philosopher I’m talking more about a creamy sauce. I’m not interested in that..

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@jjmah Got it! Think that’s kind of what I originally inferred from your question, so I should just stop second guessing myself!

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