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Israel bans the iPad. Any theories as to why this is?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) April 15th, 2010

Officials say they can’t handle the wireless bandwidth in Israel so they’re confiscating iPads.

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They said they want to make sure it meets their standards, and that they are trying to rush the testing. I don’t think it’s the least bit significant. It had to get FCC approval here, too, before it could go on sale.

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It is not Kosher.

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Confiscating? Litterally taking it away from people who purchased them in the US? It is only being sold in the US currently from what I understand. I don’t think it means anything. If Israel was trying to stop people from going on the internet, that would be something different. Look how long it took for the US to allow HDTV. They completely controlled the introduction of the technology when other countries had been using it for years.

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They are confiscating iPads at customs.

Israel is officially a non-iPad nation. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 3g or wifi model. If you’re just visitng Israel, they take it from you and ship or back home at your expense.

Sounds a bit draconian.

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Fuckin’ Jews.

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They’re in cahoots with Adobe

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Bill Gates paid them !!! XP They are probably being paranoid that someone might rig one & “BOOM”!!

*That reminds me of the time my family took my grandpa to the Bay Pines They told us for him to be able to use an electric shaver & toothbrush,we needed to give them to the hospital engineering dept. they would disassemble & inspect them to verify they were safe to use if so they would issue a sticker and place it on each product then and only then,he could use them !!???
Oh yeah,It would probably take 1~2 weeks since they were back logged !!

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@Captain_Fantasy I wonder if they are worried that people will resell them for a profit, like Swatch in Europe 15 years ago?

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Sorry, does anyone actually have a source for this?

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@dpworkin Woooow! That’s just crazy. Thanks for the link.

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@dpworkin Fuckin’ Jews.

Hey, those are your people, can’t you take care of this, have a word with them?

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I’m too busy controlling the global money supply.

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