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What movie genre could you never be converted to no matter what & has this always been the way?

Asked by ucme (46855points) April 15th, 2010

One which you know you will most likely never enjoy or have the slightest bit interest in no appeal for you whatsoever.

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My last romance film was Nights in Rodanthe and I about up-chucked.

However, I did really enjoy The Notebook, but who didn’t?

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Dignified and experienced, yet socially awkward white cop meets funny, streetsmart black cop to take down a terrorist ring/Triad cartel/German pedophile mastermind. Hilarity ensues, several guns malfunction, and the two cops learn something about who they are and each other, as well as several racial stereotypes.

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@Vunessuh They do come with a large dollop of cheese thrown in @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Credit where it’s due they haven’t made one of those for oooh, about two weeks now.

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@Vunessuh I loved The Notebook, but then again I loved Nights in Rodanthe, but then I just love Richard Gere.

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Any chick flick or rom coms
They’re so lame and generic, I’d rather watch Plan 9 from outer space

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Hot model-type sexes up non-descript, boring fat guy, fat guy’s pals are jealous, while in B-story, an ugly woman learns that if she wants a man, she has to stop reading, take off her glasses and wear her hair down at all times. In the C-story, the utterly, totally socially inept nerd of the bunch will have sex with a “low-class” woman who is loud, obnoxious and also willing to sleep with anyone with a penis.

There is corporate “indie rock” on the soundtrack, as well as L’il Wayne and L’il Jon and L’il Man and L’il Somebody rapping for the party scenes. Too tame on the big screen? Not enough naked women during the pool/beach scene? No fear, the “unrated” version will be on DVD in 3–6 months, and the dog will do something they couldn’t show in theaters!

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There are good films in every genre. I don’t judge based on what the movie might be like.

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I don’t like manga. Never have, never will. Except for an old kid’s cartoon called “Battle of the Planets.”

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@Dibley I liked them both better in Unfaithful, but maybe that’s because those sex scenes were steamy as hell. Still has one of the best sex scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie. I just cringed and yawned throughout Nights in Rodanthe.

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Torture porn horror movies.

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Horror movies. I have PTSD and violent scenes give me flashbacks.

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Cheers, some interesting but not entirely suprising examples.For me i’d have to concur with @Michael_Huntington They do nothing for me never will.

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Romantic comedies and anime. No thank you.

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horror, porn, manga, westerns, anything with Steve Martin, fantasy

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@Dibley: I bet you already do like some “sci-fi” and just don’t think of them as such.

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@mcbealer: I went to your Rotten Tomatoes page and your review of Where The Wild Things Are in which you described as an orgasmic peak experience. and yet you say you don’t like fantasy…

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Broadway musicals, opera, and concerts on film. If it’s still being done live I can’t justify watching it on tv.

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Horror and extremely violent movies

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Horror flicks starring Keanu Reeves ;)

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Old westerns. hate them!

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@lucillelucillelucille That’ll be all of them then,bogus.

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Those movies where the plot centers around teenage boys trying to get laid. I don’t know what genre that is, but it will never interest me.

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If I never see a movie like ” Funny People” again… I will be very happy. It was like watching a movie about an arguement that you didnt want to be apart of.. but were forced to be apart of. I was at a drive-in theatre and it took allot of self control not to nail the gas and take down the screen. I freakin HATE adam Sandler… no talent rich monkey boy.

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micheal Moore political films… forgot about him.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Yeah that pretty much sums up all Michael Cera movies. I agree 100%

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Whatever genre movies like Hostel and Saw are considered.

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I used to think I didn’t like action movies. Then I saw several of them last year and the year before because my friends invited me to them and I loved them. I’m still not a huge action/adventure fan, but after seeing more, it made me appreciate them more.

Also not a big fan of super outer-spacey sci-fi movies. But even then, there are exceptions.

Like @Trillian and others, I don’t think I could ever get interested in extreme gore movies like Hostel or Saw.

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slasher movies, teen love stories, Will Ferrell, Anything that’s even been made on the set of Twilight!

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@Ria777 ~ really? Do you make it a habit of misquoting people or is this an honest mistake on your part?

BTW, when I mentioned fantasy, I was thinking of films more along the lines of The Lord of the Rings.

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@mcbealer: y’see, it irks me when people say fantasy when they mean a particular sub-type of fantasy which hardly even counts as fantasy at all.

I actually don’t think that I misrepresented what you said because you liked the movie at lot. if I had said you had hated it than I would have misrepresented you. anyway, I did not set out to offend you.

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i cant do sci fi. i can do a few. i like one of the star wars movies (the others are bearable but i would not say i really enjoy them) and maybe….one other? im drawing a blank right now. anyhow, my boyfriend likes sci fi, somehow, and i always find myself at sci fi movie marathons and it is literally PHYSICALLY painful. i had to sit through DUNE and Bladerunner in the same night. Don’t cry for me….I am over it now.

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Anything that starts with “Tyler Perry’s”...
Michael Bay
Most stuff with Jim Carey and Adam Sandler.

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I don’t like goofy movies, but I can always go to sleep.

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@ChazMaz…. is it boring? or is it that you can never watch the whole thing? if you get my meaning.

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I see no need to watch it at all. I prefer the real thing.

Not one for self torture.

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@ChazMaz what, come on. you don’t like fake tans, grossly skinny women, bleached blonde hair, fake boobs, and disgustingly fake moans? you must not be a real man!

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I guess not. I prefer them smart and real. ;-)

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oh you dreamboat you

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@ChazMaz “Smart and real”—-boobs?

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LOL Now getting off track.

Question was, “What movie genre…” ;-)

Not what body parts.

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@ChazMaz .. exactly, who gets through the whole thing? 2 or 3 minutes tops, then its a free for all.

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