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Rational people: do you think horror movies will still freak you out?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) April 15th, 2010

So,as a rational person I don’t find horror movies are really that frightening. Usually,I’ll think that’s some kind of BS but somehow I like the way the present the movie(the side effect,the plot,character,etc). So,do you believe horror movies will still freak you out? Or you’ll let your rationality win?

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I love horror movies, seen them all. I dont think they can make a movie that can really freak me out. But i love them just the same. I wish they could make one to freak me out.

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I think what bothers me is that someone could come up with some of these gross and gruesome story lines. While I am in the theater, I can be spooked, but it’s not a scared thing it is a startled thing, like when someone pops out. When I get home, do they keep me up at night? Not really. If I have second thoughts I mantra…it’s just a movie…then off to la la land I go…............

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They freak me out.I have a vivid imagination and a good memory for detail.So yes,they stay with me for awhile.I don’t like them very much at all.

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Horror novels are scarier than any movies I’ve read. The Amityville Horror was much scarier than the movie. Sure, it didn’t scare me during the day, but then at night it gets freaky. :)

I’m also somewhat of a writer in the horror genre and I try to make it as scary as possible. People better be freaked out by what I write.

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I went to my first horrow film at the Cinema, I went with my friend and her friend and we saw Sorority Sisters:) I shakedxD

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I very rarely get frightened by horror movies.

I am, however, having a hard time understanding how rationality has anything to do with liking/disliking horror movies.

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I didn’t think they would be several years ago I watched “The Ring” with my then girlfriend. We were watching it in the dark about ¾ through we had to turn a hall light on and until we went to sleep we were freaked out by the slightest creek.

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There’s no think about it!

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The only part that bothers me is that it can still actually happen. I don’t mean stuff like chucky, but stuff with serial killers. Stuff that is fiction, but can still physically happen. I don’t like seeing people getting maimed while screaming and stuff.

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I consider myself a rational person. Coupled with the fact that I’ve been watching horror movies since I was 2 years old, I’m nearly immune to the effects.

Besides, I always feel like half of the terror in horror movies comes from the main characters not being prepared or knowing what to do in their situations. If I was being pursued by insert movie monster/killer/cliche’ here, it would have been shot repeatedly and chopped into pieces at the first sign of trouble.

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@Vunessuh You won’t find horror movie would be that ‘real’ and ‘scary’ as a rational person.

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@Doctor_D I disagree, but whatever you say…

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@Vunessuh He means that rational people are less inclined to become caught up or believe scary movies. Similar to how rational people aren’t fooled by magic tricks.

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I am extremely rational and I don’t believe them real at all; I just find the tension upsetting.

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I don’t claim to be a wholly rational person and I don’t believe people who say they are.
That being the case, there’s no way I would willingly watch any horror movie. My lizard-brain doesn’t need the stress.

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Suspension of disbelief and a genuine willingness to say “What if…” make them worthwhile for me. Not too many really freak me out, though the more they do the better. Mainly it’s the ones where you can actually envision it happening, where it doesn’t take a monster, or a series of amazingly stupid decisions or unlikely occurrences, but simply the will of another person to make such events reality and strand you in the middle of it.

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@Blackberry That’s exactly what I meant. Beside,I’m a girl.

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@Doctor_D Oh, sorry ma’am Lol.

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Is someone irrational for laughing when a movie is funny or crying when a movie is sad? No. There are plenty of “rational” people who become vulnerable whilst watching movies and they allow these films to scare them, make them laugh, make them cry, make them happy. They literally become open to the film in order to fully take in the experience. If someone becomes frightened by a horror movie, it doesn’t mean they are unreasonable or illogical. It means they’ve allowed the film to affect them the way the filmmakers intended.

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I’m not a fan of ultra gory, and especially not sexually violent horror flicks..but…my daughter has gotten me absolutely addicted to Zombie movies. lol

The more ‘B’ the better!

Horror with thats some good fun!

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@Vunessuh Well of course, we understand that, but I will use the magician example again. Someone sees a magic trick and immediately is filled with wonder and awe as opposed to automatically thinking of how the trick was done and questioning the method of how it occured, knowing as a fact that an elephant can not disappear.

It is the same with most movies, you know it is very unreal, so it’s harder to get into it because you know everything is just a production.

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For me the whole point of watching a horror movie is to suspend belief. Leave rationality out of it. It is after all essentially escapism.They make horror movies to shock & scare,so it seems rational to me that’s how people react.

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They never did and never will. Horror movies are only freaky to the sqeamish

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@Blackberry I think the appropriate word for your magic trick example would be ‘naive’.
When watching a film, one doesn’t need to question the production of a movie and how it was done. Some people do. Myself included, which is probably why I am rarely frightened, but because others don’t, doesn’t warrant such judgement. Just sayin…

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@Vunessuh Yeah I guess we don’t need to….I get too analytical sometimes which makes it so I can’t enjoy those types of movies. Kind of like how you see right through bad acting on T.V. and want to stop watching it because the fakeness is hurting your eyes lol.

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I studied movie making in college even made a bunch and know the old axiom “It’s only a movie” all too well. I still hid behind the seat when I first saw Alien and was really creeped out by movies like Blair Witch and anything with Will Ferrell. <<Shudders>>

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I’m too analytical. When I see a horror film. I’m basically thinking two things: 1. How did they do that? and 2. Quit screaming and do something useful!

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It’s not so much the movie that would freak a person out but the elements of the movie.

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I will get slightly freaked-out… and in some cases, disgusted, but It’s very hard to scare me. Its works to put rationality aside while watching something like that, otherwise it can be dull.

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I consider myself to be very rational, but many horror movies really freak me out. I really don’t like them, but always seem to get sucked in to watching them. Movies that really bothered me were: “The Ring”, “The Cell”, “What Lies Beneath”, “Gothika.”

I think @lucillelucillelucille had a good explanation. Rational/intelligent people tend to have active imaginations, so it makes movies that much scarier.

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I’m like @janbb. It’s the tension that gets to me.

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Don’t like them and I don’t watch them.

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Usually they don’t, and I spend a lot of time critiquing the realism of the movie. I do like horror movies, though, and the best horror movies are ones that make sense since, to me, they are scary because they’re plausible.

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I don’t watch much horror anymore, but I loved Cloverfield.

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Yeah Horror movies don’t really freak me out, unless they are able to show an unmatched portrayal of real events that I haven’t been exposed to before. But it’s just like you can build up a tolerance to it. But be wary, many people tend to become jaded and take real life issues the wrong way because they are so built up to seeing it in media

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The tension and suspense of a good thriller affects me more than gratuitous gore, but either way I’m likely to end up having nightmares. I suppose you could say I’m a bit lacking in the rational department, so probably not best suited to answering your question!

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I think they’re usually disgusting or just plain silly. I don’t watch most, but I saw one where people were standing around having a normal conversation, and some freak accident decapitated them. It was a startle reaction – Wow, I didn’t see that coming. I wasn’t scared.

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@YARNLADY sounds like something off of one of the Final Destination lol i love those they don’t scare me though.

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