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How can I make wearing a respiratory mask more comfortable?

Asked by gemiwing (14708points) April 15th, 2010

I have to wear a respiratory mask at the moment and it’s becoming quite uncomfortable.

I know we have some medical jellies, overcoming sickness jellies and creative jellies here so I want to hear opinions. I wear glasses and it’s a bit of a pain to keep them fog-free. Also, it pulls at the ears a bit and wrinkles when I try to sleep.

How can I make wearing this mask more comfortable? Is there a specific kind of mask you would recommend or do you have a hack for one?

Please don’t just leave a joke answer. Feel free to include a joke along with your answer/suggestions- yet please be considerate. I wouldn’t ask this if I didn’t need some ideas and help.

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A family member of mine wears one and it took a lot of trial and error to find the right mask that felt comfortable. Did you get to try a few at the doctor’s office or did they just send you one? There are many styles that cover more and others that allow you more room, which you mihgt need for your glasses. Ask your doctor for other options if the one you are using right now doesn’t work for you.

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Do you have a silicone one? Those are pretty comfortable, but more expensive than alternatives.

I have this one. I still don’t like wearing it (specifically, I wish it were lighter), but it is more comfortable than a lot of other ones I tried and makes a good seal.

Wait…is a respiratory mask different from a respirator??

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The silicone ones are softer and make a better seal. As for the eyeglasses, there are a number of anti-fog solutions you can try. The sizes of masks vary among manufacturers, so you really have to try them on to be sure.

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The one I have is a cloth medical mask with a little metal piece up top to bend. I googled silicone ones but they look more like for painting. I’m confused. not that it’s all that new but confused, I am. So are they the same? Do they catch the same amount of particulates?

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@gemiwing Sorry, I thought that respirator masks were what you were looking for. Those cloth and paper masks really don’t have much adjustment to them.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Aw, crap. I used the wrong word didn’t I? I don’t know what to call what I’m wearing. It’s like a surgery mask but not quite. I am going to look up some anti-fog stuff for my glasses though. It’s annoying as all get out.

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@lilikoi I do like that respirator though. Then again, I go a little soft inside whenever I am shown anything with 3M on it.

I would wonder if I could use something like those, but I don’t know if it would count as medical grade. Or if medical grade is less than those, or more stringent. I’ve seen some respirators that are very small but I assume they wouldn’t protect me as much as my medical mask would.

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What is the reason you are wearing this mask?

The silicone one like the one I linked to above is made to filter out dust, particulates, as well as toxic gases. I use it to do serious painting and epoxy / fiberglass work (where the resin stinks and will eventually make you crazy if you just breath it in regularly over a long pd of time). It has a cloth filter to keep out the bigger stuff over a carbon filter (carbon filters the gas).

Masks like this are made to filter out dust and (relatively) large particulates only.

I don’t know anything about medical grade masks. I think you used the right term, and I just interpreted it wrong. I wouldn’t call those dust masks medical grade…you must be using something else…

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@lilikoi I’m wearing it for medical reasons. I’m not really comfortable going beyond that right now. It looks like this

Is it wrong that I’m still impressed by your respirator? I used to repaint bikes and the like, makes me miss those days.

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This sleep clinic site has a lot of good information on sleep apnea, CPAP masks, etc.

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Usually the little foam strip inside conforms to your face and blocks the warm air from fogging your glasses.

I wish I could be of more help. I’m sorry that you’re uncomfortable.

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