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Do some people really enjoy paying taxes?

Asked by josie (29299points) April 15th, 2010

I went to a TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party rally. Also present at the rally were people protesting against the TEA party rally. The whole point of the TEA party was to express dissatisfaction with government spending and excessive taxation, and the concern that taxes will increase. That means that the people protesting against the TEA party do not share my concern. I know some taxation is inevitable, but I hate paying so much, and I will never change in that regard. But is it possible that those people (especially the ones flipping me the bird and calling me a redneck) actually like paying taxes? BTW, I was born in the city.

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No, I can’t say that I enjoy it, but I am happy to pay them to get the services I need and to help others in need.

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Yes. Some of those are even the very rich, who want themselves to be taxed more.

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I don’t think anyone enjoys paying taxes, but some people believe in the programs the taxes are funding.

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@josie You do realize that taxes are the lowest they’ve been in a LONG time right?

I don’t mind paying them at all, it’s part of my civic duty of being an American. I love my country and I enjoy being able to support it so I can enjoy the benefits of living here.

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In the same way we “enjoy” paying for any goods or services.

95 percent of Americans received tax cuts this year thanks to Obama, and refunds will be up 10%.

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I don’t. As long as corruption still long-lasting in government in my country I think wasting my money for the sake of forgivable corruptors won’t change our future. As the second largest country in corruption I’ll definitely day NO! for taxes. Although I also pay my own taxes to avoid the law.

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I got a refund so I’m happy with it.

Surely your whole world isn’t crumbling because you had to pay taxes.

This is how governments are funded much to the chagrin of your average Glenn Beck type.

Seriously we dint pay taxes like other nations pay taxes. Imagine living in Sweden where the % is much much higher.

Taxes aren’t new and they’re not some evil plan of Obama’s.

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I would enjoy paying my taxes if I went to go to a tax preparer first.

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It is not paying taxes that is the problem. The problem is the misuse of tax dollars.

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I enjoy the refund at the end of the year lol. I make enough money that paying taxes does not break me, I’m fine with it.

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I’m not one of those. I can actually think of more constructive things to do with the money that I pay out in taxes. I really believed at one point in my life that my taxes went toward important and beneficial things but I’m not so sure anymore.

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Agree with @janbb and @gorillapaws and @ambos. I certainly don’t enjoy paying taxes, and have been known to bitch about them from time to time, but I believe in the social contract. I support things the taxes are intended to pay for, such as the fire and police department, roads, health care for the poor, etc.

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I do not enjoy paying taxes but I enjoy the services that are provided as a consequence of those taxes. It would by hypocritical of me to do otherwise. I travel on the roads that our tax dollars maintain, my children attend school paid for by my tax dollars, I utilize the library, the police on occasion and I know that the fire department is there if I need them. I’m well aware that there are things going on that are contrary to the idea behind taxes. I accept this and hope to support people who have a better idea on how to stop the wast, fraud and abuse. Refusing to pay my taxes is not something that I would consider as a viable alternative. I served my country honorably in the military and I continue to serve by being a good citizen.

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I wish everything would be cheaper. In fact, I wish people always gave me for free anything I wanted.

The world don’t work that way. It’s not like I’m chomping at the bit to pay taxes, but I don’t think I’m getting ripped off, and I would be willing to pay more to get more services.

I, too, think we’re spending too much money in some areas—such as military spending. I also think the government is inefficient—but that’s the case with all bureaucracies, and there are structural reasons why inefficiency stays in place, mainly having to do with career civil servants who get tired of having the heads slammed down when they stick them up to suggest an idea.

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Oh wait… so if someone protests TEA party rallies they are in support of higher taxes?~
I see now. Like those who protested the War in Iraq were unpatriotic?~
And if I am opposed to hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars that have been sent to fund that war I guess I’m just a fiscally prudent “tax and save” liberal?
Thanks for clearing that up. I was feeling like a maverick there for a second.

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How is it that the past three Republican administrations have presided over the most unbelievable excesses of government spending to prop up corporate welfare, expand the military to unprecedented proportions, create wars and wreak havoc on the deficit and the Democrats get blamed as the spenders because they support policies which actually help the poor and middle class?

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I love it! We get huge refunds…everything back and then some. I’m one of those evil people who doesn’t pay taxes.

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Well you must have paid into it to get it back. I don’t pay into taxes after my deductions but I don’t get a refund either.

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@SeventhSense With the stimulus income tax credits, many people are actually getting back a whole lot more than they paid in this year. Their refunds are bigger than the sum of their withholdings.

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Yes, I do. It makes me feel proud. And I can afford it and contribute to the common good.

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But you have to pay in something. I’ll welcome a check if Sam decides to send me one though.

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@SeventhSense No, you don’t. You do have to be employed, but even if the taxpayer never paid one cent of withholding, and has zero tax liability (didn’t earn enough) he can still be eligible for tax credits that will result in a check.

Last year, the rebates were sent to workers and non-workers alike, but this year you had to file an income tax return to receive the stimulus refund.

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Maybe because I own a company but am self employed.

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