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Picture taking on a Verizon Envy Toutch?

Asked by CloudXDream (71points) April 15th, 2010

I know how to take pictures on this phone but I was just wondering…
On the front of the phone (where the toutch screen is) I can see a camera like circle next to the Verizon sign near the top of my phone. Is there any way that I can take a picture while still looking at the screen? Its hard to explain. If I am looking straigh at the screen I can see my face instead what is infront of me. Get it? So if I am taking a picture of myself I cans see the picture as Im taking it without looking in the mirrior. Im probably missing a simple way to do this but I tried options while taking a picture and under Tools. Help?

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That’s not a front-camera, it’s the proximity sensor (so the touch screen goes off when holding the phone to your face)

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Ohh I see. Thank you much. That explains it flashing when Im on the phone and adjust it between my shoulder and ear. lol

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Yeah, I kinda thought it might be a camera at first as well until I also noticed the screen going off and on. It’s kinda needed on these touch-screen phones to keep my cheek from hanging up on people or dialing at them. :-)

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