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Why does this happen when I type sometimes (not on fluther)?

Asked by Blackberry (31067points) April 15th, 2010

An example is when I’m typing on my online college discussion boards. For some reason, seemingly random when I try to correct a spelling error by simply inserting a letter in a word, it will delete the ahead of the cursor when I hit the space bar to insert the letter. It’s as if the space bar is the delete key.

And simply putting the cursor in the middle of a word to insert a letter just deletes the letter infront of the cursor although it still inserts the letter of the key I press.

Is this making sense? Does anyone know how this happens?

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the insert key is toggled on…?

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That particular discussion board probably defaults to replace instead of insert. Next time try hitting the insert key before you retype.

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This use to happen to me as well when I had my PC.
@WestRiverrat is correct. When it happens again, hit the ‘insert’ button before typing.

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Ooohhhhhh, Ok that worked. So now I know what the ‘insert’ key does lol. Thank you.

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Sounds to me like there could be a problem with the server. I may be wrong here, just something to think about.

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