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What's your best physical feature, something that you believe, that's maybe backed up by comments you receive from others?

Asked by ucme (50031points) April 15th, 2010

It’s late it’s a weak question in the grand scheme of things I know.So, your most attractive feature is?

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My beard.

Well, at least it’s my favorite, but then again, I don’t have a girlfriend. Hmm.

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I get compliments on my eyes and my smile a lot.
And any guy who’s ever seen my chest, always has nice things to say, which at one point surprised me because my boobs are so small.
“They may be tiny, but they look nice.” That’s what they always say.

Edit: women have said that too. :-)

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My ‘stache.

earthduzt's avatar

My brain, it amazes people all the time…

Dr_Dredd's avatar

My eyelashes. My hairdresser and her co-workers go nuts over them. :-)

lilikoi's avatar

I have to pick just one?!

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I like my arms.

@Vunessuh Pics or it never happened.

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I get compliments on my eyelashes too, but I personally think my feet are my best feature.

Vunessuh's avatar

@bob_ (.Y.) Is that good enough?

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@Vunessuh I just bet you do.Nice things come in small packages ;¬} @lilikoi Doh go on then you can have 2 if you insist.

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@Vunessuh Well, no, but I have a good imagination.

* closes eyes, smiles *

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My eyes, for sure. I inherited my dad’s pretty eyes. I was told not long ago “your eyes got me.”

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I’ve been told you can see in my eyes that I am a sweet person. I also get many compliments about my hair. Many can’t believe I don’t color it (it’s natural blond).

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People seem to focus on my smile and “masculine jawline” the most lol.

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My hair’s pretty awesome =)

wtfrickinfrack's avatar

I was ecstatic when my last girlfriend told me I had an attractive “female setup” wink wink

MrsDufresne's avatar

I’ve been told that my rump is nice.

Hahahaha! “Rump!”

Ponderer983's avatar

Different people have liked different things on me, but for me it’s my hair and eyes and lips

crankywithakeyboard's avatar

Eyes definitely. When people see them up close they are surprised that they are pretty. Strange.

aprilsimnel's avatar

I like my eyes best.

Other people like other bits, what can I say?

faye's avatar

I’ve always had compliments on my eyes. They are greenish-blue- change shades depending on what I wear or the lighting.

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My beautiful blue eyes. They’re simply dreamy.

RocketSquid's avatar

I was told I have kind eyes.

It distracts them from my teeth, which I use to tear their flesh

Brian1946's avatar

My pearly white, perfectly symmetrical fangs. :-)

Sophief's avatar

My eyes I guess. I do have nice eyes.

mattbrowne's avatar

The auricles of my ears enhancing my hearing.

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