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There is a plate stuck in a pot, how do I get it out?

Asked by shego (11083points) April 15th, 2010

My boyfriend doesn’t really cook, and I thought it would be nice to make some spaghetti for dinner, but the pot that is big enough for the noodles has a plate stuck in it.
I have tried turning the pot over and beating the bottom of it, and I have tried running hot water over it.
It’s stubborn and I can’t get it out. I’m kinda mad, so any help would be nice.

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if the plate isn’t worth anything, break the plate. A nice swift firm tap with a hammer should crack it nicely. (if it is glass that is)

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Submerge it in soapy water. You may have to ;leave it awhile and you may have to work it a little, but it will probably come loose.

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It’s a hard plastic plate. But the hammer should still bea able to work, right?

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If possible heat the pot and ice the plate. The heat will expand the pot slightly, while the ice will shrink the plate.

If that doesn’t work go with the hammer.

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Before you get all radical & break the plate, get a sharp pointed knife & try to wedge it in between the two. Work it back & forth. That’s always worked for me.

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If it is a metal pot, heat the pot. Metal expands, freeing the plate.

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@sheqo hammer should still work, or a nice abseiling welding torch would do the trick.

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I’m sure the welding torch will work, but unfortunately I don’t have any welding equipment here. I am looking for a hammer, I don’t think he has one.
What guy doesn’t have a hammer?

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Physics is your friend (don’t break the plate unless you have to). While the suggestions to warm the pot make sense, practically speaking, you will likely burn the bottom of the empty pot if it has no liquid in it. I think that using leverage (i.e. the idea to stick a knife in between) is much more likely to work. Once you get it turned a bit, you can pull it out. Alternatively, you can put some water on top of the plate (± soap around the edges for lubrication) and place the whole pot in the freezer. After the liquid has frozen (to the plate as well), THEN run hot/boiling water over the bottom of the pan, flip upside down and bang out the plate.

The frozen water will expand the pot a little at the site of the stuck plate (frozen water expands). Then, when you run hot water over the pot, it will expand further, the water will melt a little, the soap will lubricate the edges and there will be just enough clearance for you to bang out the plate.

Of course, if all else fails, and the plate is plastic, and you can’t find a hammer, drill a couple of holes in the plate and pull it out using a wire hanger.

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What @ragingloli said. Heat the pot. Remember to use over mitts.

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Boil water in the pot.

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I got the stupid plate out, but I broke it. Oh well, it wasn’t part of a set.
Thanks for all the help and advice.

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So, @shego—did you make the spaghetti? or was dinnertime long past by then?

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@Jeruba I made dinner and he enjoyed it. :) Though it was a little later than anticipated.

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