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How do I disable this program?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) April 15th, 2010

Occasionally, my cursor freezes, & a window pops up saying
“SynTPhelper.exe is trying to access your keyboard directly” or somehting like that. I tried to search for the file on my computer, but it won’t show up. When it pops up, I have to restart my computer.

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Well according to a google search on that file name SynTPhelper.exe it seems like it’s a program installed on your (laptop?) system. The file seems to be made by Synaptics I would contact them and see if they can help you stop it or fix it or whatever.

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Have you run a scan for viruses and spyware since this began?

If you have Windows, see if it shows up in your Task Manager as a process.
If it does, then click on it and click on “End Process”.

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It’s the driver for your touchpad. Go to the Synaptics site and see if there is a newer version.

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If you do a search, you have to enable search for hidden files as well.

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@coogan Uhhh… do you do that?

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Control Panel > Folder>Options>View>Show Hidden Files

But I don’t know why you need to do that to download a driver.

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@dpworkin Sorry, when you search your local drive, it’s a separate checkbox that if left unchecked, won’t pull up hidden files in the search. I don’t know if I’d enable hidden files for novice users, but I’d hope they’d have sense enough not to delete them.

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Draconess: I sent you a comment about how to search for hidden files and folders

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@Brian1946 Nice post on the actual directions, I’m a mac : / and I just “upgraded” to Parallels 5, which killed my xp install in the conversion.

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