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Is life passing by for you as quickly as it is passing by for me?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) April 15th, 2010

Am I the only person who feels that life is moving faster and faster? Yesterday I was 10 years old. This afternoon I was 20. I turned 30 at dinner time, 40 at sunset. A blink away from 50. A breath away from 60. Exhale my way to 70. 80 in a yawn. A hasty grave…

Am I the only person who feels that life is moving faster and faster?

It seems as though everything is speeding up. Is this the same for you? Am I alone, leaving you behind… or do you travel with me?

Let’s enjoy our arguments, but give no time to disrespectful hatred.

Is life passing by for you as quickly as it is passing by for me?

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Yes.It is flying by.That is for certain.This past year alone,I have been reminded of just how short it is.many times

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“Days are long but the years are fleeting.” What’s up with that?

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It’s passing quicker but my attentions are more focused so I feel like I’ve got the better hand, still.

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As I have gotten older (I’m honestly not that old, though) I have noticed that time does go faster and faster.
In fact, since January of this year I feel as if I can hardly keep up with time.
It’s overwhelming.

But it reminds me to enjoy the time I’ve got.

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Just last year I was okay in my mind about turning 40-whoops! 55 now, wtf?

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Yes, the days are flying by. When I was a child, time stood still. It makes me sad.

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You are being silly. No way you make it to 70.

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The last four years has been a blur…yep, it’s picking up stride. lol

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I feel the exact same way you do at times.

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I swear I was wiping my oldest son’s ass just a few years ago.

He graduates high school in a few short weeks.

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This is very easy to explain with grade-school math. Ready?

When you were a kid waiting for Christmas (let’s say you were 10 years old) then waiting for two months (the rough time between Halloween and Christmas) was 2 months out of 120 months of your life to date, or 2 ÷ 120 or 1.6% of your entire life. (And you weren’t paying the bills—that figures into psychology, later.)

When you were, oh, 30 years old, the same time span would be 2 ÷ 360 or just over 0.5% of your entire life to date. And by this time you’re probably paying the bills. As anyone knows who’s used to paying bills, the end of the month comes way sooner than it ought to. And the end of the month brings the bills, too.

By the time you’re 50 years old, an entire year from one Christmas to the next now represents 2% of your life… pretty much the same relative span that you spent between Halloween and Christmas as a 10-year-old. And aside from paying the bills, you’re also having to shop for a lot more presents, too—more of your time is committed. So you’re working to support yourself (and probably a family and an ex- or two), doing that shopping… and wondering why your life is flying by.

On top of that, here you are on Fluther, and you’re facing another sleepless night because you forgot to go to bed… and here comes some asshat making you do math on Fluther… just for fun.

Get some sleep. You’re going to need it. There’s a quiz tomorrow.

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Yes, time does seem to go by faster the older you are. Right now it doesn’t seem to be going by as fast; I believe it is because I am anxious for summer to arrive.

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“The Chairman of the Board” could identify. As I began reading this thread, I could hear him singing “It Was a Very Good Year”.

I’m on iPhone and can’t do links but hopefully someone can head over to YouTube and post a link to Sinatra singing it.

There’s a really good one with lots of pics of him all thru his life. Such a great song. Such a great voice.

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Chairman of the Board does get it.

So does the Shat, if you’re in for a laugh

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The calendar and clock time our much different than our experience time. Meaning, hell yeah life flies by.

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For sure…..goes by faster every year!!

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Passing faster, but not passing me by, I am enjoying every single moment of it.

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Absolutely !

That’s why I like the positivity in the final verse :

“I think of my life as vintage wine from fine old kegs. From the brim to the dregs, it poured sweet and clear. It was a very good year.”

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Yes, but for me it’s because i’m waiting for this certain age and im not enjoying anything until i get to that age so i can get to that one place,because i beleive that’s the only place when I can start being happy and live my life again.

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I didn’t think I would live to be passed sixty. Age sixty at thirty years old, was latent and far into the future. Those thirty years were gone before I realized it. Now that I’m steadfastly headed toward retirement, looking back in retrospect I feel that getting older was a sententious journey full of adventures and highs and lows, to be reckoned and accounted for and sometimes with penitence. I mainly look toward the relief that in my sixty plus years on earth so far I have avoided the alternative of the underground and living long enough to be recognized by younger folks . . . as old.

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Yes, whenever I fail to decelerate my life.

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@Roby Great answer

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