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Answerbag gave us free T-Shirts. will Fluther ever do the same?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) April 15th, 2010

I must admit that i liked Answerbag, at least the first few beginning years, before eveything went haywire. Answerbag offered its faithful people a free t-shirt. it was actually a really nice t-shirt. it was a heavyweight and has lasted a long time. i feel guilty wearing it now, since i now connect with Fluther. Question: will the owners of Fluther ever offer its faithful people a t-shirt? my Answerbag t-shirt aroused a lot of controversy out in the public and i am sure a t-shirt from Fluther will do the same. Owners of Fluther are you listening?

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They give out free popcorn and heart-shaped chocolates. And don’t forget the sticker!

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Tshirt, printing and shipping from a free website? I would be upset they were wasting good venture capital to send out freebies to people who were already participating in the site instead of spending that money to further the servers, attract new people and keeping the site running smoothly.

I love Fluther and want to see it grow; I’d rather see the money spent to keep it growing healthily.

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Personally speaking for me wearing a t-shirt from any such web site is not something i’d be looking to do. I’m amazed they could even give that shit away let alone charge for it.

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While it’s not free, there is a Fluther t-shirt if you want oneā€¦ (complete with action shots including Ben and Andrew)

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@rangerr Wait, what?

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Why not thank the faithful fluther founders for their hard work by buying a shirt instead of asking for a gift from them?

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@Likeradar Why not thank them? Because they’re trying to run a business. Last I heard this was no charity. Which is also why you don’t see me asking for free shirts.

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Your AB shirt aroused public controversy? You mean members of AB actually go outside?

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If they ever get the common sense to offer the shirt for sale in colors other than baby-crap brown, I will happily buy one or several.

Could you have possibly chosen a WORSE color to be the sole one ? Yuck !

At least black or white are neutral and can be worn with a variety of different colored clothing. I’d also be interested in anyone other than guys who would claim brown as their favorite color.

Come on folks, a little variety and creativity as displayed in the rest of your site would come in handy for items that will be worn in public representing your company.

Your jelly logo is terrific and is elegantly simple enough to easily be placed on any color shirt.

What type of jellyfish swims in brown water ? The lone t-shirt color doesn’t even tangentially relate to the site theme and logo. At least a blue or green shirt makes some sense in relating to the ocean theme.

Even the dinky little Cafe Press stores have the sense to offer a variety of colors. Can’t a quality site like Fluther do better ?

I can’t be the only person who finds the brown shirts both unappealing as well as illogical to the theme, can I ?

How difficult could it possibly be to offer at least SOME color variety ? If push comes to shove and it’s a financial issue, why not go the Cafe Press route ?

I predict shirt sales would pick up noticeably with ANY type of color change. At least blue or green for the ocean would be a step in the right direction.

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@Buttonstc I thought I would hate the brown shirt, too, but it turns out I like it in person a lot better. That said, I really want one on a navy background, or maybe even white.

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This isn’t the first time I’ve brought this up but received no enlightenment from the powers-that-be as to the rationale behind brown.

Aside from being drab and ugly, it makes no sense.

If it was just picked randomly cuz one of the guys liked it, then it’s not too late to rectify the situation. It’s just too ugly for words.

If it had to be brown, even a deep chocolate (like Hersheys or the LG chocolate phone) would have more pleasant associations than a shade which is more reminiscent of what is found in a baby’s diaper. Good grief. Yuck !

Definitely not something I would ever waste my hard earned money on.

I would love to be able to proudly wear a Fluther shirt in public and spread the word. But I wouldn’t even wear that crappy brown if they gave it out free. No exaggeration. I really mean that.

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Wow so much shirt hate lol.

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I love the shirt. HATE the color.

Have you clicked on the link for the photo of the bumper sticker ? Notice how much nicer that looks.

IMHO it’s far more important for the colors of something people will actually wear on their body to be pleasant as opposed to a bumper sticker.

When the bumper sticker is more attractive than the clothing, something is seriously bass-ackwards.

I’ll step off my little soapbox now :)

Hopefully the point will be made to the Fluther Gods to represent their site more attractively by offering color choices. That way those who are so in love with brown can have it and others will have more attractive options.

It can’t possibly be THAT difficult to implement (cough, cough,.....Cafe Press…..cough, cough…..)

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You are right though, that brown colour is pretty darn nasty.

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I’m sure there are plenty others who agree with those sentiments.

It’s a shame that they don’t allow polls. They might be in for a rude awakening on this issue !

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I never got a tee shirt from Answer Bag and don’t want one with a jellyfish on it. It would make a cute kid’s tee shirt but would look pretty geeky on anyone over the age of 10.

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I have a collection of free t-shirts from Yahoo (several), WikiAnswers (plus other prizes), AnswerBag, MapQuest, Via, Bloodbank, and three other volunteer organizations, but I had to buy the one I got from Fluther. I got a free sticker from another user, which I made into a magnet.

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