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what happens after we die?

Asked by eklamor (415points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

do we just go into the earth and cease to exist? To we go to heaven or hell? Do we see our family again? Do we get to be with our spouse?

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This was seriously asked like… two days ago.

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okay even i’m sick of these questions.

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its whatever you want it to be eklamor. Id like to think you see all your loved ones that beat you to the punch and have a big party.

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Ahh fuck… You get to hang out with all of my ex-girlfriends. And I would bet good money that all of them are still really pissed off. Enjoy your stay.

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You rot in the ground. That is all.

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haha john Powell you make me laugh:)

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I believe u will either go to heaven or hell. If u believe that Jesus is the son of god your savior and lord then u will go to heaven

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ugh,ccrhhs not true.

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but that’s your opinion. :-/

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Okay, we/I just got done asking folks to tailor their questions to a more inclusive and neutral format. I think it’s rude to continue being critical of the subject when this question clearly meets the specs.

My thoughts on this subject are muddy, but lean toward a circle of life model. Energy is neither lost nor gained. It just changes form.

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Nobody knows. You find out when you die.

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rude to not follow your “specs”? ha.

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Okay, cowboy.

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Kevbo is closer to what I view as the truth than he knows. Please do not interpret this as trying to convert anyone – I am just expressing my belief and understanding just as those of you with whom I do not agree have done.

Since I am a bible believer I look at what the bible says about these kinds of questions – it says a lot – I won’t go into the nasty outcome part but rather that we do have the hope of eternal life and that if we look at the account of Jesus’ resurection we see that indeed we change forms—we lose these physical bodies and take on a new kind of body (like Jesus did) that doesn’t limit us to the laws of physics and does not get sick wear out or get old. And yes we will be partying up there with all who make it and with Jesus. There are a lot more good things we have to look forward to but I am sure some of you are already about over the edge and ready to dump on me so I will stop. Again this is NOT an attempt to convert you – just exercising my right to express my beliefs in a non threating way.

Question why isn’t spell check working – on a PC.

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Worms have a SWEDISH TABLE.

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This was seriously asked likeā€¦ two days ago.

Eklamor wasn’t here two days ago.

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We go to law school?

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absolutely fuck all, we just rot because we are all scum

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For the record I’m a energy is transformed believer, so something happens, and to date know one knows what.

Comment about the “topics” of this question. Assuming this question did not have an “agenda”, and we all hope it wouldn’t cuz I don’t believe that is what fluther was intended for (I could be wrong), then explain the topic taggs:

questions, life, God, love, family, marriage, death, hell, heaven, after death, devil, angels

Some I understand, and agree that they apply to the question. But how does “Love, Family, Marriage”. As someone who has been personally attacked by the euphemism “Family values” and who is denied the right to marry in this country, I’m having a hard time viewing this question as inclusive.

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I do not beleive we ever die just our body the soul and spirit live forever

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Upon death, you become the iPhone SDK and haunt Fluther for eternity. Mesmerizing newbie users who don’t know what an SDK is, but are certainly sure they need it.

You will be misunderstood…like Axel Rose or that “Don’t Taze Me Bro” guy.

So everytime you see the “SDK” question….smile to yourself and think, someone just bought the farm….

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we all become crime fighting ninjas working undercover to bust a giant drug deal which lasts for overr 5000yrs, then we go 2 law school, thegreenbrideguide lol

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If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord…you will have eternal life in Heaven. If not…then you will lift up your eyes in the flames of a devil’s eternal Hell! Read the King James Bible! It is all there!

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We decompose in the Earth. Good times!

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All of you who are claiming we are going to hell, or going to heaven depending on what we did in this life, please be more clear. There are far more variables than (if you believe this, then this happens).

To be more accurate it should go something like this:

If there is a god, AND that god happens to be (by chance) the god of the christian bible, AND (apparently) the current king james translation of that said bible, then and ONLY then will you go to the heaven also reference in the same book. If any of these statements are false, then you will be going to the same place as the rest of us.

Better yet. If there is a god, and he IS NOT the one from the christian bible, you may be going to hell for having accepted jesus christ as your lord and savior.

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well i hope you don’t want a pessimistic twist that we rot and termites feed on our remains… i honestly believe when we die our souls transcend to where they go; some people prefer to call it heaven but i prefer to call it simply as bliss

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Our body goes into the ground and rots or gets burned up and put in a nice vase and our soul leaves our bodies at the moment of death and is with God. Then we wait for the second coming of Jesus and we will really know what is going on.


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I’m dead. Just fluthering around, dear.

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I think we just die and that’s the end of it. We rot in the ground and wah la! That’s all there is to it. I’m open to the idea of an afterlife or something more supernatural or whatever, but I need proof.

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While I do believe in God and accepting Christ, I disagree about the KJV of the Bible. First of all, the KJV is NOT the original bible, just the one people have decided is the original. It isn’t even the English bible closest to the original. Also, Jesus Himself commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves. I wish most Christians wouldn’t forget that. It seems like we’re so concerned with having people convert that we forget the part about loving them.

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@GracieT The reason why I’m agnostic and not Christian is because I’m skeptic of their beliefs, yet I admire their values (though I find born-again/die-hard Christians really annoying). It seems like its that way with a lot of Christians, though (mostly young ones that haven’t even considered that there’s other religions), they embrace the values and try to convince themselves they actually believe in God, heaven, and Christ.
I kinda lean towards Christianity because I think it’s great to have faith and an afterlife to look forward to, but I wouldn’t want to live life knowing I’m in denial.

Note: I’m not saying all Christians are like that, most do actually believe in Christianity as a whole. It’s not completely illogical, I’m just a bit skeptical because none of it can be proven. Technically, I don’t believe in God, but I don’t not believe in God either. I’m somewhere in between. Not really undecided, but more like I’ve come to a conclusion that we can’t know, so it doesn’t matter anyway. Just live and let die.

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it’s simple really.

When a person dies their breath return to God and their body begins to decompose and break down to dust. They do not go straight to heaven or hell. It is as though they are unconscious and are not aware of anything that is going on. Next is the judgement but this doesn’t happen until Christ returns. Can’t tell you when that is. But eventually when he does return the wicked are slain and the righteous go to heaven with Christ for a 1,000 years. After the 1,000 years are ended Christ and the righteous Christians return back to earth with the New Jerusalem. At the point of their return the wicked breath are returned to them and they are resurrected (brought back to life) to face the judgement. The time that passes between when they died and when they are resurrected will feel like to them but a moment. They are allowed to see why they are lost and God announces their punishment (death). Deceived by Satan they try to take over the New Jerusalem but are destroyed by the fire that comes from God out of heaven. Some people are burned up instantly some a little longer but the Devil will burn the longest until EVERYTHING is turned to ashes. The End.

Read the last five chapters of “The Great Controversey Between Christ And Satan”

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Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. It changes form. This is true in everything. Look at the cycle of water and how it gets evapoated. Your brain is made up of neurons, which send electrical impulses out to the rest of the body. When the body dies, the energy does leave the body. Even my chemistry teacher believed that. I also know the bible has been changed a lot, and that a lot of sections were taken out of the bible, centuries after it was first written down.

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I think in reality the lights just go out but theres been a few things that have happened that made me feel otherwise obviously its comforting thinking theres more..

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