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How many burritos is too many?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) March 10th, 2008

Okay. I love burritos. I really do. And there is an excellent taqueria half way between home and work (papa lote). I really can’t resist their salsa….YUM! But is it bad for me to eat so many burritos? I have gone there 3 times in the past 4 days!!!! I always get a veggie one.

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When you have to unbuckle your belt, that is one too many.

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veggie ones are better than the big meat filled greasy ones. Its all in moderation.

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Having moved from New Mexico to New Zealand about a year ago, I can say if I were in your shoes, I’d be eating as many as physically possible! NZ is great, but there is no good Mexican food here (much less New Mexican, kevbo knows what I mean…).

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It’s good to eat a variety of foods overall – mix it up. I’d probably not eat there more than once every 2 or 3 days, even if it is a good healthy burrito.

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Beyond nutritional needs, the increase in flatulence should also be considered.

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It’s quite difficult to make a “healthy” burrito, especially from a Mexican restaurant. That being said, if you’re moderating the rest of your diet, you should be fine. :-)

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I have the same problem. I recommend you do what the heart desires. If it’s a burrito, go for it. You’ll get bored and try Chinese food soon enough.

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Red or green, segdeha?

505 rulez!

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when they know what you want before you order and have it ready for you when you walk in or drive through.

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I effing love burritos. I’d say sure, moderation is important, but of all the foods that you could pigging out on, I’d say burritos are pretty good. Some decent fiber from the rice and beans, not to mention a complete protein, even without meat or tofu. If you get some fresh salsa in there, guac, it’s not a lot but there are some good vitamins in there. I say have another burrito. I’m a taqueria zapata in the castro guy. It probably helps that they are just two blocks away ;-)

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You really can’t have too many burritos…

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It’s not the total number, it’s the rate of consumption, that can become a problem. Rate = BurritoMass/(Time x DigestiveCapacity).

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too many burritos would be when you become sick of them. One of my favorite places, Chipotle, just opened up a restaurant locally- before that the nearest one was 50 miles roundtrip. So, I feel your pain. So far, I’ve managed to limit my visits to 1–3 per week, but it’s hard!

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Thanks to this question I just had a burrito not 5 mins ago. That is now two burritos in less than one weeks time. I say I have some catching up to do, and have not yet hit my burrito limit for the week.

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@sfgirl: have you never had a burrito made with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, beans with some tooth to them, a bit of rice, some meat or grilled vegetables for flavor, and a whole wheat tortilla? You can certainly make unhealthy burritos, but that shouldn’t be the default assumption.

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