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Umm…i don’t really have an answer to this…..but have you ever read the Death Note (sorry but this might sound obsessive) manga or watched the anime? I have no idea if it’s sci-fi but it’s really good ^^ Apparently these are some genres people have added for it:

Detective Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Supernatural Fiction

If that helps. I’m not really into Sci-fi manga or anime so don’t listen to me if this sounds stupid >.< Plus i’m not very up to date on movies – i watched ‘Shaun of the Dead’ for the first time yesterday – incredibly funny film btw.

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Onemanga.com and btw Death Note is the greatest anime of all time. :)

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I knooooooooow Isnt it just!
I go on one manga all the time, its the only manga website i need!

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