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Do I have an acne problem or is it a rash?

Asked by shego (11083points) April 16th, 2010

I took my shower about an hour ago, and I as usual, wash my face. But this morning after I washed my face, I had red on it, like I broke out. It has been about an hour and it is still here. I haven’t changed anything that I have been using. I don’t wear any makeup, and it’s not itching.
What could it be?

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It sounds more like a rash than acne. You didn’t indicate if it was a single pustule or an area of raised or irritated skin . . . but . . .

1) Have you changed your soap?
2) Have you changed the laundry detergent used to wash your face cloth or towels?
3) Have you been sweating more than usual (yard work, etc.)

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I haven’t changed my soap or the laundry detergent, for that reason.
and I haven’t been doing anything out of my usual schedule

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It’s all below my eyes over the bridge of my nose on my cheeks, and down to my chin. It is really blotchy and red.

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Had you looked in the mirror before you took your shower? Are you sure you did not have it before the shower? It sounds like maybe it is below the “sunglass” line. Had you been out in the sun yesterday?

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No, it wasn’t there when I woke up, and I haven’t been out in the sun in three days.

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Sounds like a rash or rosacea maybe? But, an odd coincidence that it developed so suddenly after your shower. It is not uncommon for people to be a little red after showering, but since it is a new thing for you it sounds like something is different. If it were on one side of your face and getting worse I would think shingles. Hopefully, it will just get better in a few hours are days, maybe just a simple irritation?

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Sounds like thrush.

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Thrush is a term used for a yeast infection inside of your mouth.

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Acne is unlikely. @JLeslie has suggested a few possibilities, but without seeing the rash, it is nearly impossible to tell. It isn’t thrush, for sure. Another possibility, given the location and incorporating from your profile that you are a part-time nanny is Parvovirus B19 infection (Fifth’s Disease). In adults, there is often some low grade fever and joint pain as well.

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@shilolo Oh, I did not know she is a nanny. Yes, those little germ vectors we call children could be culpable. Good catch.

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@shego, It could be just an allergy reaction to something you touched when you got out of the shower. Or maybe something that is on your towel. Rinse your face off with cool water and pat dry with a paper towel. Take a benedryl or put on benedryl ointment. If it goes away than it was an allergy reaction. People can suddenly develop allergies to stuff that never bothered them before. I know right now Pollen Count in most of the US is extremely high and there is a higher amount of people getting reactions because of the excessive pollen.

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