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Heart-broken over Eliot Spitzer?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) March 10th, 2008

I am.

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I’m neutral. I don’t know enough to really form an opinion on the subject yet.

But why do people with so much power do such stupid things? Really, WTF, getting busted for a prostitution ring. How is it these idiots can’t go a few years without doing something so fucking stupid. I guess the power goes to your head.

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I’m pretty heartbroken. I’ve been discussing this with my friends all day. if you want to be especially voyeuristic here is the transcript – Spitzer is apparently client-9.

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I just read about it… I don’t feel one way or another about it. It was dumb, though.

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who is that. I’m sure I know but no face is comeing to me. What happened

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Gov. of NY. His name has surfaced as a frequent customer of a high-priced prostitution ring.

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This is really disappointing. I thought he was one of the good guys. :-(

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It’s not just that he is the governor of NY – he was the attorney general for many years and has focused on corruption and unethical practices. so this is not only another political indiscretion, but is extremely hypocritical of Spitzer in particular.

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yeah what he said…................. ” fo sho”

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He needs to move to Vegas.

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Why is prostitution illegal? the only people it’s illicit nature helps is the prison industry. It doesn’t reduce availability or make the country safer! For the good of the people, just decriminalize it already!

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I am so sad. I really was shocked by the news. He was supposed to be one of the “good guys.” he was one of the few politicians who I actually had faith in, who inspired me, who made me feel like you could be in politics without becoming corrupt. If Spitzer could do something like this, I guess it is proof that power corrupts anyone—even those who start out with noble intentins.

As an aside, I can’t believe he would not only be so immoral, but so stupid! Couldn’t he just have had a senseless affair with a consenting intern like any other politician? But a prostitution ring???? I mean, if you’re Governor of New York, I’m sure there are lots of power hungry people who are willing to sleep with you for free…

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The reaction in my area of the state has been like a brushfire; incendiary, out-of-control, impossible to ignore…the kindest word I have heard, from members of both parties, the literati and the vox populi, is “unfortunate.” His resignation, which looks more and more likely, is going to change the balance of power in the state legislature….

He certainly did ride into Albany on his charger…the white knight we were all hoping for. and now, I can’t say it better than occ.

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Schmuck of the year. Unbelievable. Tonight’s Letterman top ten Spitzer excuses:
10. “Oh come on, like you were never involved in a prostitution ring.”
9. “Hookers is fun.”
8. “Just trying to help the economy.”
7. “Have you ever been to Albany?”
6.“It’s part of my new MTV prank show, ‘Spitz’d.’”
5.“Haven’t been myself since Roy Scheider died.”
4. “Uh, tainted beef?”
3.“Whether it’s a hooker or your wife, you’re always paying for it—you married fellas know what I’m talking about.”
2.“Wanted to be known as the Charlie Sheen of politics.”
1.“I thought Bill Clinton legalized this years ago.”

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McCain won’t do anything like this, ‘cause you can’t diddle when it bends in the middle.

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Yes. I know someone form New York and he never paid anybody in New york for screwing them as governor.

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I wonder now, since he is leaving politics for the rest of his life as he said, if he will be left alone or will be hounded in the next months/years?

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