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Do any of you have problems with your wireless connection?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) April 16th, 2010

Verzion is constantly saying how they are the best. I do not agree.
Two days in a row I had to hook up my laptop to the router to restore my connection.
Does anyone know why?
I do not enjoy wasting my time on this.

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I feel your pain. My laptop will only work in the room where the router is, when before it would work anywhere inside or outside the house. I miss being able to relax without a desk and it would be nice to be able to do that again.

I think it could be the age of the devices maybe? Unless they were all bought around the same time.

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I think it is Verizon.
My will be a year old next month.

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Another reason for wired connections; that’s all I use at home for both computers. I turn on the wireless when I have company who brings their laptops.

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Some routers don’t play so well with certain operating systems, and if they do happen to promote a stable connection there is always some sort of jiggling that you have to do with the network before you can get it in working condition.

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My cordless phone and my router were on the same channel (11). Every time I was online and received a call while using my pc near the base unit I would be disconnected.
You can’t imagine how long it took for me to figure that out. Check yours.

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