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Where can I buy books by the pound?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) April 16th, 2010

What are some sources for purchasing used books wholesale if looking to sell them regularly on a sidewalk table? I have heard of sources selling books by the pound.

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I don’t think I have the specific answer you are looking for, but you can get great deals from local church book sales and library book sales. lao, my dad might be willing to sell you some books. He sells on the internet mostly, he has around 5,000 online, but if he has some slow movers he might consider selling some boxes cheap? Do you want me to ask?

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I would look here as well. They have used books that they sell in different categories (mass market/children’s etc) by the gaylord.

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In Britain we have a chain of shops known as The Pound Shop, so actually not as stupid as it sounds.Although as the name suggests they’re not likely to be of the highest quality.

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End-of-day yard sales, church sales. Sometimes they just give them away.

But are these just filler books? If they didn’t sell at church sales, if @JLeslie ‘s father couldn’t sell them, why would you be able to?

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If you have a half price books where you live (and even if you don’t I think you can order this on line), they sell books by the yard, where it’s stuff that is intended for display mostly, stuff they just have too much of that they can’t sell in the store. But if they deem them as unsellable, I don’t know how wise it would be to try to sell them yourself, but it is a cheap source of books. And if you’re really adventurous just go to the dumpster at a used bookseller who buys books from the public, they throw away/recycle tons of stuff.

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I have heard of buying decorative books by the linear foot; not by the pound.

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While cake I would buy by the pound, books I usually choose by the cover.

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In NYC there used to be aplace that sold books not by the pund but by the inch. I believe it was Strand

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Decorators often need this kind of service, because some wealthy people are embarrassed when they have a library but are not really fond of books. The Strand is one good source. There are others.

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These kind of sources may be more for older books used for decorating. If you are looking for books to resell, you might want a source for better looking/newer books such as publishers remainders. You could try googling that term and see if anything pops up.

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@anartist It might be different having them there in front of people walking by, then on the internet, where I think people generally look for a particular title. Not that I am trying to push my fathers books, just trying to be helpful, and obviously honest, it would be books that most likely are slow in his inventory, but it also might be books that have dropped down to a very low price on the internet, that he prefers to just move out of his inventory. I have CD’s I sell online, and once they go below $4.00 the trip to the post office almost isn’t worth it to me, and I might be willing to get rid of the for cheap if I can do it all at once, and clear them out.

My dad shops at The Strand when he is in NY, I meet him there sometimes. He shops for personal books, and books to resell.

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Usually your local used bookstores will sell books by the yard.

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I sell them by the pound. If you are interested e-mail me at

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