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gaming console or gaming pc?

Asked by eklamor (415points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I am thinking about making a gaming computer. I already have a 360, should I stick with it or build a pc later for gaming?

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This depends entirely on you.

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Get a sic 52” LCD tv with gaming recliner with 360. That would be teh win!

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It depends on whether the games you want to play are available for the 360 or the PC. If you can play the games you want to play on the system you already have I wouldn’t bother.

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When I geek out I prefer to do it on a console…but like other have said, depends on what your preference is!

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console is more depend-able

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its hard to be good at computer gaming unless you’re really dedicated to learning it. You have hackers but you also have more ability to change the game for yourself. The consoles offer the most streamlined experience but you’ll get less customization. So console is good if you want streamlined and enjoyable experience with less frustration. Computer if you you’re dedicated in learning about your game and have fun creating things and sharing them with other people or if you like sticking with one game and mastering it pc is better for you

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it depends, I quite often have large offline multi-player games so the PC wouldn’t work for me, I have PS3 + Wii, but if you play mostly one player games you should play on PC

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PC ALL THE WAYY, unlimited configuration options methods, the looks, feel, touch, everything… u cant get ANY of that with a game console period.

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depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for best graphics and performance you should use a PC. But if you are looking for interactive games with friends including body motion, you should choose WII.

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yeah your right, i love my wii

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I love my wii too, mario & sonic at the olympics and three stoned friends, what more do you need?

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PC’s can have issues with drivers, viruses, etc. Vista is a pain. Xp isn’t honestly much better. IF you know PC’s, then go with one-they are always a bit above consoles.
Consoles are easier though.

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What truefire said (except out Vista/XP). They are difficult to get running right, but if you know the stuff its a lot better than console (IMO). They’re definitely more upgradeable too. Personally, I like gaming on PCs much more because I think you have more control. You can use a PC for other things besides gaming too. About Vista and XP, I think they’re both fine after you turn off the stupid security thing on Vista. I’m currently using both.

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Depends what your doing. If you by yourself and have a lot of money then go witha PC running Vista 64 bit. And get virtual box to cover everything else. Honestly I dont understand what people dont like about Vista. Its the best thing thats happened to me next to getting an android phone.

And if you’re playing with you friends and / or dont have that much money, Then a Xbox 360 or a PS3 is the best. Sometimes the graphics on a console can be much better than on the PC. Assasins creed is a good example. And as to the whole PS3 vs Xbox 360, The Xbox has better games and controls but the PS3 can beat the Xbox hardware wise.

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it depends on what condition the xbox and the disks or for the comp it needs to have good internet or it will be so slow you would start regreting about selling the xbox

so if you going get the comp try to get very good internet

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It depends, I enjoy playing on 360 more – you can play with friends from sofa and so on..

But there are plenty of games (Like MMOs and MOBAs) which aren’t available for x360.

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