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Do you think the ash cloud will spread worldwide and disrupt air travel everywhere--not just Europe?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) April 16th, 2010

I heard the eruption could continue for days or months—then what will happen?

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Unlikely… However, that depends on: how long the eruption lasts, how much material is placed airborne, the grain shape and size of the material, the exhaust velocity of the volcano vent, and the velocity and direction of the winds aloft. So, too many variables to answer your question today.

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Here’s a good article that could answer your question.

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Highly unlikely (yes, I would bet money) that the volcano will disrupt travel worldwide. Maybe they will concede to flying more turbulent, less fuel efficient flights at a lower altitude to escape the vog/ash.

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I think we’re going to have a cool summer in the Northern Hemisphere this year… and the chickens will still be cackling about “climate change” and saying, “See!? See!? We told you it was real!”

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Since world flights have many interconnections, it in effect, has already disrupted world travel. The major part of the ash will probably fall out after a few more days.

The problem with the ash is that it is very abrasive and the friction it creates will stop a jet engine. I expect that some flights will be re-routed but air traffic will soon return to normal.

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I’m wondering if the volcano keeps erupting, will getting to the East Coast and back again in May still be possible? I guess we will see how this unravels in the next few days.

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Interesting article, @erichw1504. If the effect is a cooling one, I wonder how this will play out against global warming. Will global warming have provided a timely temperature buffer against this eventuality? Conversely, could this cooling be the earth’s response to rising temperatures worldwide? These are unscientific questions because I lack the knowledge to know if they’re reasonable. They’re prompted by curiosity.

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It also depends (to a certain degree) on the air convection cells in the atmosphere, like so.

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Huh? That is ridiculous…..

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