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How can I make this cole slaw delicious?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) April 16th, 2010

I just cut up a cabbage, added some oil, vinegar, mayo, yougurt, lemon juice. But it’s really quite plain. Anything else I can do quick?

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Something sweet.

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Add raisins… Yummy

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Spice it up!
Old Bay would make a great, flavorful addition if you happen to have some on hand.
Anything like Emeril’s Essence would be an easy flavor-kick as well.

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A small amount of shaved red onion. A few mustard seeds. Maybe a bit of julienned apple.

edit: I forgot, maybe a little bit of fennel. Or, maybe, some caraway.

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1 cup of sugar!

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I am THE cole slaw queen in my family…a can of cashew pieces is amazing, everyone goes nuts for it! lol

I use shredded red & green cabbage, shredded carrots, a mayo type dressing and cashews.

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rice vinegar

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Grate a carrot, add dill and sweet pickles, and add a little celery seed. Some people like onion in it; I’m not one of them. Also, I see no need for the oil.

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Throw it out the window of a speeding train and replace it with chocolate cake!
Actually the cashews sound good: :))

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Were you going by a recipe or just throwing stuff together?

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always some sugar or substitute…...rice vinegar…..carrots…..

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Add some celery seeds

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Yup like someone said little bit of sugar. and carrot

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Add some black pepper. A little bit of finely minced onion and finely diced red bell pepper.

Also, this sounds odd, but blue cheese is really good in coleslaw.

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Thanks all!

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Add capers

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Someone’s mother I knew made superb coleslaw and used caraway seeds. I still make it the same way.

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Grated ginger
can of crushed pineapple
sweet red pepper

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Maybe this was implied, but I didn’t see salt on the list of ingredients. If you haven’t added any, DO! Even a very small amount really brings out the flavors of food, and make them taste brighter and less “plain”.

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Some Bon Appetite seasoning or some celery salt, and a little bit of Lemon Pepper.

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