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Do you know any bars in San Francisco that would be a good location for a college alum happy hour?

Asked by maudie (363points) April 16th, 2010

The alum coordinator from my alma mater asked for an SF bar recommendation that might have a similar vibe to these places in NYC and Boston:

* Drink
* Rebar

I live in the East Bay, though, and I don’t know many SF bars. Any places you’d recommend?

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It depends on the night that you will be going… Downtown SF is easy for everyone to get to and there are a million bars on Polk Street, for example, a lot of people like Hemlock.

I recently moved here and have been hanging out at Minx on Sutter & Jones – that’s my spot but I am not familiar with Drink or Rebar.

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how many people are you hosting? does it need to have a kitchen? to have a private room? to be close to public transportation?

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Press Club, Level III, Mr. Smiths all have a lot of space for group gatherings and are convenient to get to.

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