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Do you like your coworkers and bosses?

Asked by kevbo (25672points) March 10th, 2008

My experiences with coworkers in various jobs have mostly ranged from disappointment to dislike and/or disgust with agreeable people cropping up occasionally or tangentially. What’s been your experience, and if you’re happy with the people around you, what about you or about them makes it so? Or is it the job, the field, the organization’s culture, the city you live in or something else that makes a difference?

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I currently run a small business and I think my boss is a dick.. Oh shit, I am the boss. Yep, still a dick.

And the two people I employ have been friends from High School. We don’t really have any retained earnings. About 95% percent of the profit is split between us. Everyone makes the same.

But I have worked in tons of jobs that sucked. I find that jobs/coworkers start to suck when people want to start moving up the ladder. If everyone knows that they will always get paid shit and don’t stand a chance of promotion is when they are the most fun.

When the switch is flipped from job to career people become cutthroat dicks.

But overall most of the people I have worked with are nice. I live in the PNW and I would say that most of the people I meet are pleasant.

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I love the people I work with. The great work culture comes from the boss’ original purpose to create a great place for computer folks to work – the kind of company he’d want to work for (and still does). Originally it was intended to be “not a real company” but through tighter times it’s evolved into being a little more serious and responsible about business details (especially by hiring compatible people who care about such things, to handle those parts), but is still very laid back and based on cooperation, friendliness, freedom to choose or reject projects, being responsible for our own schedules, and smart, nice, interesting, mostly responsible folks.

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I’m going to say yes. It takes a lot to make me dislike someone.

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I work as a writer in the entertainment business. I hate everyone I work with and everyone hates me. :D

Reasons: While I may be young, my influences span several generations before most of my peers, I think this intimidates them and also makes me, in a strange way, an “old timer.”

which is why when the rare opportunity comes to work with an old pro it’s an extremely enjoyable experience because they respect my background and I respect their experience and wisdom, it is rarely anything short of harmonious.

My bosses missed a step in human evolution, what most might call pre-historic man or the funny Geico cave-dude I call studio executives…. my bosses.

A usual conversation with a “peer” goes something like this:

Dan: Hey Greg did you hear the Archlight is having a special Laurel and Hardy screening this weekend?

Greg: Laurel and.. who?

Dan: Someone rape me with a chainsaw

*walks off, holding his tea tightly pretending he is in a better place

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i love my coworkers and my boss. My boss basicly does whatever it takes so that I can do what I have to in order to get the job done. My coworkers are smart people with senses of humor. I have flexibility in hours and dress, and I don’t really have to self-censor in the office. The only things i’d really like are 1) a much faster computer (go from new imac to octo-core mac pro) and 2) another week of PTO.

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I work with and for some of the best people ever…We are a pretty tight group, very supportive of each other. Makes going to work easy…

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I’m female and I dislike my female co-workers because they are so fake. They are also chatty-Cathys. Why can’t people just keep it real in the workplace? I’d rather work with a bunch of douchebags if they’re willing to air out their grievances instead of hiding them behind a fake smile.

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I totaly agree with iz1220!!!

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I like and respect my coworkers enough to work with them, but for the most part our relationships are based entirely on work. We have very little in common outside of work.

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i run my own buiss and only have family employees ,but sometimes thats harder then working with strangers.
you can get rid of a bad employee with no regrets if there a stranger but try doing that with a family member and it will come back to haunt you time and time again.
so buck up,if you you quit that job you,ll most likely never have to see them again.
any job that makes you miserable is not the job for you for any reason including co-workers.

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If you love or hate your boss, you should share it on where you can anonymously create a report card and be as honest as you want. It will help others when they want to interview for a job under that boss.

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