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What are your favorite fun and inexpensive activities to do on a Friday night in San Francisco?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) April 16th, 2010

I am looking for a new thing to do on a weekend night with my boyfriend in SF that doesn’t cost a lot and is different. I am getting sick of the typical nights of either movies or drinking. I have recently stumbled upon this list: which seems awesome!

Is there any particular activity you have found in the city that is different?

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Take the ferry to Sausalito, have a drink and come back. Should be beautiful on a warm night.

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“Each one to his fancy,” said Nancy as she kissed the cow.

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Get on a flight to Boston?~

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Another idea would to be to go up to the Coit Tower if it is open at night. A great view of the city and terrifc mosaics of workers’ history in San Francisco that were made in the WPA. Also, you could check out whether any of the museums such as MOMA or the De Young have evening opening hours.

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I noticed your link said “super sexy”, if your into that kind of thing check out Good Vibrations, there’s a store on Polk street somewhere… I’m sure it’s listed on their website.

I know this is probably too close to the bars you’re trying to avoid but SF has always had a great music culture. My personal favorite was hitting several of the Jazz bars from about 8 till midnight and getting to talk to the musicians after their sets. Buy them a drink and you can hear some fascinating stories. Other than that I always loved hanging out in Union Square and Golden Gate Park or just wandering around downtown.

Also, my wife and I often play tourist. Just get a local guide book and start hitting places that look interesting. You might be surprised at how much new stuff you find along the way.

Have fun!

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here is a decent calendar

– the kiosk at union square sells day-of theatre tickets at 50% off
– the audium is weird and cool
– pack a picnic and eat in dolores park or twin peaks (make-out spot!)

rad day-time stuff
– the zipline on the embarcadero…it’s free and danger is sexy
– golden gate park and awesome weather:
– row around stow lake
– rent bikes and pedal around the park
– fly kites at ocean beach (the brewery at beach chalet has nice view)
– free lindy hop happens at the music concourse
(i know, i know “weekend night”! but i re-read after compiling rad stuff so i decided to leave it!)

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During the day:

Tennis on the Russian Hill courts. It’s like a 270 degree panorama of the bay, absolutely breathtaking. It’s free but get their early because lines can form.

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