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What do you do when you have a strong urge to make something creatively, but you're not good at the artistic form?

Asked by ubersiren (15152points) April 16th, 2010

I often get strong urges to paint, draw, make music, sew, crochet, make jewelry, write poetry, dance, etc. but I’m not good at any of those! I had a blood test done and it turns out I have a low talent count. How do you get your creativity out if you don’t really have an outlet? Should I be satisfied by simply trying? What if it never comes out; will I die from it? :/

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I say do art. Make art. Have at it. I also say that you are creative if you feel the urge.

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Just do it!! I work as an artist and I love what I do,know how gratifying it is,so I encourage you to try something!Above all else,don’t put any pressure on yourself to create a masterpiece!If you find you like painting and want to hone your skills,there are many classes out there.

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keep at it.

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ROFL b/c you sound exactly like me. I could have written that.

One thing that I found relatively simple is to cook. And cook for people not just yourself. It is artistic and creative. It doesn’t waste money b/c you eat it. And others can appreciate it.

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Well I usually use my imagination and try as best as I could(I also observe other kind of arts and -copy—learn something from it and applicate that to my works).

Blood test can reveal your talent count? That’s new for me.

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I have this problem when it comes to writing my own original music. I can do the lyrics, and I can sing the melody, but hearing and capturing my own original melody is nearly impossible for me.

It is frustrating, but I love music so much, that I continue to try and try to come up with something that I am satisfied with. (Which hardly ever happens, since I am a loony perfectionist when it comes to that stuff)

My best advice would be to follow your urges. Even if you think your not good at it, it is so hard to look at our creations objectively. What is awful to us, might be gorgeous beauty to someone else.

Keep creating until you get something you would want to share with others, even if those others are just close friends and/or family.

Loved ones can help a lot with the creative process by encouraging and providing their honest, caring opinions about your creations.
Those urges are present for a reason. Follow them.

Good luck to you. ;)

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Try anyway, talent or not. Of course that’s easy for me to say, seeing I’m filled to the brim with the stuff.

Well, full of something anyway.

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There are many, many ways of being creative. Find one that suits you. If you like painting, continue to explore that. (Believe it or not, anyone can learn to paint.) Maybe you aren’t good at painting portraits. Ok. I’ve seen painted canvas rugs that are great.

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I find that many people don’t create because they think they’re not “good” at it. Art is about self expression and creation. There are general rules that many artists follow that put them under the classification of good artists, but rules are meant to be broken and art is a perfect way to do that. Art is meant to break the mold, to raise questions, to challenge the norm so go and express yourself. Do not get wrapped up in negative thoughts and ego. You aren’t good… you’re perfect. Life’s too short for second guessing yourself and what you’re capable of. Go and explore!!

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Can you cook? Try cakes and get creative. Links like this, and this might give you some ideas.

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@RedPowerLady and @Trillian Crying I actually attended one year of culinary school and was absolutely terrible. I dropped out. I do enjoy cooking for my family, but it stresses me out a bit and doesn’t satisfy my artsy bug. Thanks for reminding me that I’m good at something, though!

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Pretend that you are five years old and grab some crayons. Then if it stinks- hey you pretended really well! all the benefit, none of the self-loathing for not being perfect

ETA- A lot of the ‘masters’ may have had some help

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Some things require more overt, independent creativity than others. You might not be able to draw, but you could learn to make beautiful candles. (My son does.) You might not be a hot fashion designer, but if you can follow directions and have enough patience to work carefully, you can sew. Plenty of creativity goes into decorating for an event and wrapping wonderful presents.

And if you paint a picture that doesn’t make it into a gallery, so what? It can be fun just trying. Go to your local art supply store and sign up for a few lessons just to learn how to handle the materials, and then enjoy yourself.

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Go to a room with lots of space. Lock the door. Make sure noone can see you. Then put on some music and dance. You already have all the tools you need. Talent? That can wait.

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creativity is what your soul can cook up. sort of like soul food on display. the results are what people find interesting when you didn’t realize or intend it to be. there’s creativity in all of us. what makes the difference is your confidence.

confident people say: ok, here it is!
and if you lack confidence, your “here it is” is, well, just something—not sure what it is, but it’s something.

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…I wasn’t aware that talent could be measured in blood tests.

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In his book Outliers Malcom Gladwell makes the case that exceptional skill has everything to do with lots of practice and hard-work, and not much to do with natural talent. If it’s something you’re passionate about, then stop posting about it on Fluther and get to work!

Seriously, you need to suspend judgment-making for a LONG time and just try to enjoy the process and focus on developing your techniques. Make messes, have fun. Once you’ve started to gain basic mastery of the fundamental techniques of the particular art you’re interested in, then you can start to be more critical of yourself and your work, but it’s WAY too premature when you’re still getting started.

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@gorillapaws Thank you! Something to think about.

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@ubersiren you’re welcome. Now less thinking and more creating! <cracks whip>

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