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Girls; What's the most romantic/sweathearted thing a guy's done for you?

Asked by panzerfaust (34points) March 10th, 2008

Pretty much what is the nicest and most thoughtful thing a guy or boyfriend has done for you (without crossing the border into creepy-stalkerish stuff)

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My parents used to do treasure hunts for me for easter when I was a little kid. They eventually had to quit because I could solve all the puzzles in it instantly, and they’d spent the whole night setting it up. I really missed them. I mentioned that to Nate once.

Last year on easter I had been on a trip for a few days. I came back and nathan had set up this huge hunt for me in my house. It was all about our relationship and was actually challenging. It took the whole day to solve it all. I still have all the questions, they were all absolutely adorable. Each one was collaged so wonderfully. They were all gorgeous.

Nathan is really really poor, so he wasn’t able to have a gift at the end, so he tied a bow around himself and gave himself to me. It was the sweetest thing ever, and the best gift i’ve ever received.

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wedding cake in the face. I’ve seen it in movies and always wanted to do it. When it came down to it my husband did it. It was messy but he remembered I wanted to do it. Believe me that was the last thing on my mind. It was sweet to me.

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Um… I know this was gender specific but I’m going to break the rules anyway and say…

Two weeks before we got engaged he sent me a card that said “Love, Michael Riser.” He knew what that would do to me, may not sound like the nicest/sweetest thing but when it’s being given to a guy that has wanted to get married since he was 4… that sweetness couldn’t be eclipsed in my eyes.

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Ted: We were hiking, and “found” a secluded spot in the rock quarry, which was a jutting rock about a 1/4 of the way down the rock face. While we lay there talking, I was looking at a tree that was growing out of a crack in the rock face. It had big leaves shaped like maple leaves, but they were fuzzy. I saw an especially big one and voiced how I wish I could touch it. Ted went to get that very leaf against my wishes because it was so far from the ledge. He scaled it in sneakers! The leaf was big, softly fuzzy, and had zero imperfections… I scolded him, but he said he’d do anything for me because he loved me!

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my husband every month on the 16th gives me roses baloons and a card that says happy __ month anniversary and sometimes when we go grocery shopping he’ll sneak off and buy me a sweet I love you card and surprise me when we get in the car and every day he makes it a point to tell me how beautiful I am ( maybe that’s why I think so my self) I love It and I love him so much…. Oh also he still opens the door for me(no matter what) even after we’ve been together for so long!!!!!!

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This year was the last Christmas we will spend in the northeast, because we will soon move to Florida. I have wanted to go to Radio City Music hall to see the Christmas Spectacular for the last 5 years. My fiance told me there was no way we could go, because we had to get busy selling the condo and saving for our move. I was very disappointed by this, but accepted it all the same.

On Christmas Eve, we decided to open only one gift each. He handed me a package. When I opened it, I saw that he had wrapped my binoculars in the box. I was perplexed, but he told me to look under them. When I did, I found two tickets to the show! The next morning we left very early, hopped a train to the city, and when we got off the train, there was a horse and carriage waiting to take us across town to the show. The show was everything I’d hoped it would be, and then some. New York City on Christmas day is magical. If you go very early as we did, there is hardly anyone around. No waiting in line for anything.. no pushing or shoving, etc. So after the show was over we had the whole city to ourselves for a couple of hours before the crowds came. We had lunch at Rockefeller Center, and watched the ice skaters. it was the most magical Christmas I’ve ever had!

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oh yes he’s mine all mine!!!!

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I have to admit when I first read the question I was very upset over the overt heterocentrism. But then I decided the best way to fight homophobia is to participate ;-) So this is the most romantic my man has ever been:

My family is a very traditional Azorian Portuguese family and I’ve grown up and am very close to my culture. When we were dating early on I told him about this bread that I loved that my Grandfather used to make before he was too week to bake. I barely mentioned it, and sure a week later, I woke up to the smell of them baking over the stove. I’ll have to admit that my Grandfather’s were better, but it was the thought that counts as romantic ;-)

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@Noon: I defied the gender clause as well my friend. :D

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I’m sure the original poster meant no harm or exclusivity, glad you guys posted!

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yeah, I didn’t mean to come off as homophobic in the posted question, I was just interested in hearing stories from an opposite perspective than my own. Thanks for posting everyone!

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Yep you did, and thanks to making sure there was a gay post early on ;-)

And yeah, sorry about my bitchy post, I’m a native San Franciscan, living in the Castro. I’m far to aware of heterocentrism. (Although I think it can been said that I live in a homocentric neighborhood, still not sure if that is just as bad or just is)

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On my 40th birthday I went to France, where I had once lived. My wife surprised me with a… surprise party, inviting many of my best friends who came to the party from very far away. It was great, until I realized that she had cheated on me with one of them 3 weeks before our wedding. I am now seperated. I began a “secret” relationship at work with what I thought was an incredible lady, who unfortunately has similar issues and now its a huge mess. She has dumped me and my life is living hell. I have lost my wife, I am losing my kids, and the woman I am in love with….. most likely does not love me. The worst is that she wont say it. So much for romantic bullshit.

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As a child I went on a tour of this beautiful plantation home. The staircase of this home was used as a model for the staircase in Gone With the Wind. It became a privately owned home for many years, and then was sold. It is currently a bed and breakfast home. My husband knew how much I loved this place. As a child I grew up in a very poor, but much loved family. On our tenth wedding anniversary he surprised me by renting out the whole house for us for a weekend. He told me we were going on a picnic on the grounds. He arranged for my mom to babysit for us. We had mint julips on the balcony and a beautiful dinner. Everything was perfect. He said when he married me he wanted to make all of my dreams come true. Sixteen years later he has.

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@DJM, great mood in this thread now

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