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Why don't I want to go out with my friends anymore?

Asked by WCUBassBone1 (166points) April 16th, 2010

I’d rather stay in and read a book or watch a movie by myself than go out and party with my friends, or even just hang out with them. I even get really annoyed when my roommate is in the room when I want alone time. My boyfriend is getting worried that I don’t socialize that much anymore, I just wish I knew why I don’t want to be around anyone.

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Are you depressed?
Sometimes you have to force yourself to go do things because even if you dont want to at that moment, once you’re outside then it starts getting better.

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Are they boring?

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Maybe you’re just in a you-time phase. How long have you been feeling this way?

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@skfinkel hahahaha quite the opposite actually

@Captain_Fantasy That’s what my doctor said, but meh. Maybe I am just in a you-time phase @Likeradar, it’s only been a couple weeks.

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I just think you’re changing. I use to party a lot in my early twenties until it just started getting old. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Your priorities are changing and you’re finding other things more interesting. Eventually you’ll want to hang out with your friends, don’t feel pressured to hang out if you don’t want to.

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Perhaps you could benefit from making a list. Reasons you like going out and reasons you like staying home. Be specific and a pattern will probably emerge. Also, are you happy when you stay in or is it more meh?

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I’m an introvert, which means that I need alone/down time recharge. I like people and I like socializing, but after days and days of it I need a good chunk of downtime.

If you aren’t feeling depressed, then maybe you did just need some down time. Just be aware if you go a long time without wanting to be around anyone as depression can sneak up on you.

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Maybe you’re just growing up? How old are you?

I noticed amongst people, that as they age, some where around their 20s, they tend to prefer solitude over hanging out with friends. Like hanging out has gotten old and people get tired and they just want relax, maybe even settle down. I feel that way too sometimes. I just want to stay home and relax, or take a walk by myself, or watch a movie at home. What ever, so long as it doesn’t involve being with other people who are not family.

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@Glow 21 haha Most people my age are out at the bars, but it just got old.

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@WCUBassBone1 heh yeah. Don’t feel bad about it, it happens, and it’s normal.

Just make sure you don’t ignore your friends or abandon them, like when they need you. Because they might wind up not being there when you need them. Ya know?

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@Glow Word. I’m always there for my friends when they need me, but I guess I don’t feel so bad about wanting me time / boyfriend time now. haha I suppose it’s normal then.

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@WCUBassBone1 I got sick of the bar scene before I was even “legal”. My friends thought I was weird too.

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It’s probably just a phase which you could probably just ignore. You’ll be ready to socialize in another couple of weeks or so.

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Be you…..march to your own drummer. dont worry want the others think. explore your mind and soul.

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Perhaps you’re better than other people.

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I am only 19 and I feel the same way. I partied a lot in high school and my freshman year of college, and now I have a boyfriend and am just bored with going out and getting drunk with friends. I’ve always been concerned if that was strange that I felt this way but I’d much rather do things on my own and relax and have down time most of the time. I still talk to my friends a lot, but don’t do as much with them lately. I’m reallyyy glad im not the only one feeling this way. My parents always tell me I’ve just matured faster than all of my friends, so I guess that’s why. I am a really outgoing and sociable person, but I just don’t enjoy bars and stuff like that anymore.

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i ask the same question. im 18 and i used to go out alot and now all of a sudden i just want to stay in and chill. i dont like feeling like this . i dont feel myselff. i hope you feel better .

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