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Best ready-made t-shirts on the Intertubes?

Asked by robmandu (21242points) March 10th, 2008

Not a fan of the Hanes Beefy-T that is so prevalent.

Details: I don’t care so much about the patterns printed on ‘em… that’s secondary.

Looking for knit really soft, slightly fitted (not Under Armour ultra tights), and short in the trunk and sleeves.

Nor do I want to drop $50 per shirt. Value is important.

(nod to segdeha and Senator Ted Stevens for Internet as series of tubes reference. Still funny to me.)

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I have found that American Apparel makes some soft and comfortable shirts. Really, the best shirts I have ever owned. But they are a little thin, I have had a few develop small holes after I couple weeks of wearing. But I sleep in them too. It is like sleeping on a bed of kittens.

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@johnpowell, as somebody with two kittens, i can understand why you would have holes after two weeks.

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@johnpowell—T-shirts with fleas? Gross.

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What makes you guys think that the kittens are alive?

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@johnpowell—That literally made me LOL (much as I hate that term).

BTW—What sort of length are those t-shirts? How tall are you? I have a hard time finding t-shirts to fit my freakishly lanky frame.

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I’m 6’0’’ and a 140 pounds. I am very skinny and I have a long torso. I wear a 30’ inseam. My belt usually rests around four inches below my belly button. And that was my long-winded way of saying the shirts go about five inches below my belly button. If I put my hands in the air the ladies can see my boxers. I still haven’t been complimented about this yet.

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American Apparel all the way. I use them for the tees I sell online, they’re just the best.

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