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Does anyone know if I can sync my PC to my Zune instead of just the other way around?

Asked by dalepetrie (18009points) April 16th, 2010

Curious, I have a 120GB Zune, and I’d been using my laptop to burn all my CDs to, and backing up on an external hard drive occasionally, as well a syncing to the Zune occasionally. But my HD crashed and we were unable to save the data, so we put in a new HD, and I copied everything from the external HD backup. But I hadn’t backed up in a couple months and had burned a ton of CDs to my HD between the last time I backed up and when the HD crashed. I believe I synched to the Zune after the last time I backed up on the external HD.

So, in an effort to save myself from having to re-rip any more CDs than is absolutely necessary, even if there are say 100 CDs on the Zune that weren’t on my external HD, I’d love to move those discs back to my Zune folder on my laptop, basically I’d like to sync the computer to the Zune instead of syncing the Zune to the computer.

As I recall, I had a 30GB Zune which I’d purchased used w/ a bunch of music already on it, and I was able to sync in one direction, but I couldn’t move the Zune files onto my PC with a first gen Zune, I’m wondering if this may have become possible with the 120GB (or maybe with the most recent software upgrades), or if it’s still impossible. Anyone know?

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Use it as a drive, and you can drag files from it onto your hard drive and put them wherever you like.

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It looks like it can be done.. Some instructions are here.

I haven’t tried this so use at your own risk.

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Thanks, I will give it a shot.

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@dpworkin :: The Zune doesn’t have a hard drive mode. It is like the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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It does now. That’s why I gave you a GA.

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@dpworkin :: According to this and the response the 120GB version is no different without Registry hacks.

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I’m sorry I was unclear. I meant that you provided the means for it to be able to become a drive, and that’s why I GA’d your answer with the link.

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