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Do you ever think that people ask questions only to tell people about what is on their mind rather than get actual answers?

Asked by LeotCol (2275points) April 16th, 2010

All the time when I browse through various question and answer sites I find people who appear to be crying for attention rather than answers. Then there are people who have genuine questions. The majority of people I think would be in the middle ground of wanting to tell people about their problems and get empathy, solutions and feedback.

Do you think that there should be another medium for people who just want to tell people what they’re thinking or rant if needs be?

If there is a medium out there for that then it is not advertised enough as people seek question and answer sites for the sole reason that they know somebody will read what they say.

I personally think that some people use question and answer sites as micro blogs that many people can see. What are your opinions?

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Ain’t that kinda what you’re doing with this “question”?

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It’s all part of the mix. Just skip the ones you don’t like, or if they are truly offensive, flag them for a mod.

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Isn’t that what you are doing right now?

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Heheh….I have a tendency to do that!

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I believe questions can be leading, or have an agenda behind ithem. That does not make the questions baseless. Socrates was a genius.

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@Glow @escapedone7 Since I personally think that people do use question and answer sites as micro blogs then yes, this would be a perfect example.

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look in the mirror

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Sure, but it’s better than paying a shrink 300.00 an hour to listen to you vent. I see nothing wrong with using a site such as this to try and get advice about problems…personal or otherwise. There are a lot of intelligent, compassionate people here who can probably be a lot of help to someone who needs it. Just my opinion, though.

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I agree and it gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking about all the people around the world communicating to each other. People reaching out and becoming more connected. That just didn’t happen when I was growing up- no internet.

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Well, I guess I understand what you’re saying, but at the same time, I do not see anything wrong with it. I think you might be looking into it too much.

On this site, if you haven’t noticed, we have the option to “solve a problem” or “start a discussion”. The latter option means that discussions are indeed okay and even encouraged.

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It’s definitely a sounding board but you have to expect some of that on a q&a site.

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I ask questions to see if people feel like I do; and to find out if they have solutions.

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Sometimes when I post a question, I’m testing the waters to see if I’m making a sound decision or not. I’ll get more honest answers here that I probably wouldn’t get from my friends. Maybe sometimes I’m looking for someone with experience or someone who’s in the field of expertise I need. I guess I might have an agenda now and again, but not really in the vein of blogging. I can’t blog very well.

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There is a handful of serious whiners on this site. I think they make stuff up to whine about.

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Yes, that is one of the great things about this kind of ‘discussion’ site.

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I’m sure it occurs now and again. I think maybe people answer questions too, sometimes, just to talk about what is on their mind instead of directly posting a response that is entirely relevant to the question.

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The Internet has two purposes; porn, and getting attention.

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