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Can't seem to figure out the @ reply in red, sorry for my stupid head. Can someone help?

Asked by babaji (1440points) April 16th, 2010

Simple things right in front of my face, i sometimes miss. Can’t seem to figure out how to make a reply with the @ in red.
sorry for the bother. change my name to mr stupid…

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@babaji The comment is directed to someone else in the question. as I am directing this response to you

Type it….it will happen. :)

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When you put the @ symbol, you type someone’s name right after it, only with no spaces. :)

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Not silly at all! Hope you enjoy using Fluther.

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When will this be a clickBle option for iPhone users as it is for when I am on computer?

Especially with some long SNs, it would be nice to not have to type them out manually ( especially considering what a pain it is to type on the iPhone to begin with.)

Is this even on the TO DO list?

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