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Diet sodas -Do you think they are unhealthy? Have a favorite?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) April 16th, 2010

I have finally gotten on the plain water bandwagon. The plain flavor of water never satisfied me. I drink 4 bottles a day. But I adore diet sodas as well. Diet Dew is the only caffeine I do to perk me up and get me going. Fresca is still amazing. Diet Cherry 7 up.

is tea good for you? I dont do sugar…I’m diabetic. I love flavor.
I do some crystal lite. I love carbonation. Am I okay? What do you do?

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You can’t really know how badly you’ll be affected by artificial sweeteners. You can know that they aren’t good for you. It’s best to avoid diet drinks, they are addictive for more than just the caffeine.

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I am a type 2 diabetic (what is known as “Medically Acquired” a result of several months on Prednisone during treatment) and I drink either soda water (Seltzer in the US) or diet soft drinks that use Splenda or Stevia – never Aspartame. Forgetting the possibility of cancer and all the others rumoured possibilities, I find that Aspartame triggers migraines.

Tea, particularly green tea is very good for you. Loaded with scientifically supported antioxidants. It can be drunk hot or iced,

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I like soda water. You can mix it with a little fruit juice to add flavor without overloading on sugar.

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@zophu You can mix it with a little fruit juice to add flavor without overloading on sugar.

I sometimes do the same – a splash of fresh lime juice is refreshing. The problem with anything other than soda water isn’t just the possible caffeine – (caffeine is an antioxidant) it is the salts contained in most flavoured soft drinks. They are at very high levels.

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I knew I had a soda addiction !!!!......I’m glad I’ve put bottled water in there too.

35 MG OF SODIUM in this fresca Is that alot?? i’m assuming so.

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It’s like food is designed to make us sick. Healthier food tastes better once you’re over the addictions to the unhealthy stuff. I envy people who have or had nutritionally responsible parents.

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I think they’re unhealthy, the fake sugars give me diarrhea and stomach cramps but they did help me break my soda habit because they tasted so bad.

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They are not unhealthy for me. I drink diet Pepsi pretty much each day.

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My Dr told me last week to only drink the lite colored diet sodas, e.g., orange, grape ,sprite, ect. Do not drink any of the dark..
He said the dark sodas like Pepsi and Coke would take the paint off your car.
I am borderline diabetic, so I will comply with this.

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@Roby My Dr told me last week to only drink the lite colored diet sodas, e.g., orange, grape ,sprite, ect. Do not drink any of the dark..

If you have not misconstrued what he said – then your Doctor is an idiot. Colour has nothing to do with the effect of any soft drink positive or negative. There are many dark colored soft drinks that do not have any more ill effect than a light one. It is sugar and salt and sweeteners that create the problem – not colour. Basically they are all suspect.

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Soda & Diet Soda is bad for you !
*That’s why I drink nothing but Whiskey !

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@Pretty_Lilly *That’s why I drink nothing but Whiskey !

Now there is a form of plant life who I can relate to. Nothing beats that “modified” Highland Scottish water.

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I quit drinking so much Diet Dr Pepper. I started drinking a lot of water. I didn’t find it satisfying either at first. But the more I drank, the thirstier I got for water. I occasionally drink some Diet Dr Pepper or Naturally Flavored Sparkling water. Basically it’s carbonated water with flavoring. I like it better than some of the non carbonated flavored waters. It has zero calories, zero caffiene and no sodium but does have the aspartame.

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I switched to Gator Ade several years ago, as carbonation was causing acid reflux problems. I tried drinking plain water, but it doesn’t satisfy the feeling of thirst, even if I drink so much as to cause vomitting. I add just enough of the powdered mix to water to satisfy; about 1/8 as strong as the pre-mixed variety sold in stores.

@Pretty_Lilly Single malt scotch (especially 50 year old Glenfiddich) is the nectar of the gods! If I didn’t have to occaisionally use my brain, I’d live on that and Bass IPA.

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I am type 1 diabetic and have used stevia for a few years now.You might want to read about problems people have had with artificial sweetners.I try to avoid them.Stevia works well to sweeten coffee and other beverages.

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I do G2 and i got drunk on Glenfidditch once. I dont drink alcohol, really.

I have stevia…..but i dont do much coffee except the occasional skinny cinnamon from starbucks.

I have some Diet Pepper in the garage. Fresca is in the lead….I do grab a soda and a water.

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Sparkling water is good.

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