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Could your unfulfilled desire depress you?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) April 17th, 2010

We have so much desire that we want to do at some particular time. Just like me,when I want to do something(i.e. eat some particular food,have a sex,do particular thing,etc) but I’m not allowed/can’t do it at the time I really want to do it,I’ll feel incomplete and unfulfilled. It’s not enough to depress me but enough to upset me. I usually find another alternative for this.
So,what about you? Can your unfulfilled desire depress you? How can you deal with it?

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Try substituting something else you enjoy. Partnerless sex, for example. Life is filled with endless moments of unfulfilled yearnings. You better work out a scheme. And there’s always exercise.

I find that weeding my gardens brings me some odd, obsessive satisfaction; I do realize that the weed seeds blow in from the 50 or 60 wooded acres around me, but I can eat the dandelion greens and hope that the bees and birds enjoy some other wild crops.

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It’s called situational or reactive depression. In many cases there are no alternatives other than dosing your brain with chemicals. I’m not talking about little things like wanting a new sports car, but things like losing a life partner who was your sole reason for existance. It’s either take the damned pills or eat a bullet.

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Yes they can with me. I have self talk with a voice of the Type A nagging wife….“you should do this blahblahblah, you should get up early and get crackin’ at it….you have to start somewhere…you should not go out until you get it done…just git ‘er done…I need to buy more STUFF!....we never go out anymore…oh WHAT did I ever SEE in YOU…Sit up straight…Smile”...
OOoohh! she drives me NUTZ!

I self diagnosed myself as PLD (I made this up) Procrastination Lazy Disorder!

I was understanding Procrastination as a form of Perfectionism where you wouldn’t even begin before you had all your ducks in a row and knew you would succeed. But you never get all the ducks in a row, as there are ALWAYS more ducks.

Then last week I read a new definition of Procrastination….
A lack of DESIRE and PASSION.

At first I thought, “Yeah!!! Now I can let all those frickin Ducks go!”

But now I can’t remember where I put my Desire-Passion!

So now I am self diagnosing myself with CRS…Can’t Remember Shit!!!

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We have too many desires to every fulfill them all. We need to get an attitude of examining our desires.

Why do we want something? Is it important enough to devote time and effort to achieving it? The we need to work towards it.

Is it momentary? Will it pass? Can something else take its place?

Should we let it go?

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A cold shower and a good comedy and I’m good as rain. :D

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@gailcalled Partnerless sex….isn’t that called masturbation, more commonly known as jacking off?

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There are synonyms for almost every noun. “Jacking off” has a certain uncharming sound to it, IMO.

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@gailcalled It’s moments like these that I can hardly resist slipping some tact-pills into someones pm box!
I appreciated and prefer the way you used the alternative term, partnerless sex.
thank you!

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I don’t get depressed; I may be sad about something or sorry that something happened, but it doesn’t rise to the level of depression. There are things I want and things I want to happen, but it’s not yet the right time. I try to deal with that, sometimes better than other times.

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If I can’t have a sex that’s fine, I’ll just end up watching horror movies or reading something to get my mind off it- as an example. Not the end of the world, and besides, I can please my own self much better than anyone ever has.
It’s what I’d end up doing whatever happens, anyway. Watching movies I mean.

Sometimes I might get disappointed…not finding a movie I wanted, plans to go out cancelled, but eh fuck it. It doesn’t depress me, and there’s always a serviceable alternative I can select to waste time.

As for the grander scheme of things, well as Stephen King says, the true reality of the matter is that once we get to the dream machine, there’s always an out of order sign hanging on it..that coming from a guy who makes a fortune writing stories about vampires with private pilot licenses, but whatever.


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Why do I feel like slapping Stephen King across the face for using “true reality”? Is there any other kind? It is like a “true fact.”

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Well, you’d expect someone like Stephen King to have more than one reality, or at least believe in more than one kind…

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“I can please my own self much better than anyone ever has.”
WHAT??? How on Earth could this be true? Convenient, at least, I guess…

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It was more of a joke really, but one used to illustrate a point. Wtf was I talking about again.

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Thanks for defining what depression is. Unfulfilled desires. I had never thought of it. Explains a lot. So, Buddha was right: the core of depression is desire.

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