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I'm a wee bit hungover (and the tummy is a little queasy), but, I'm hungry. Is it safe to eat Mexican?

Asked by Jude (32198points) April 17th, 2010


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Well, it almost looks thee same going down as it will coming up! (I think I might wait a bit.)

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Personally, I would just stick to bread for now.

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Jus the question alone makes me queasy. Do you have no other choices? (Like a nice boiled egg and some soldiers?) Or gingerale?

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yep it’s safe, eat some Menudo it is traditionally know to ease hangovers :D

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Menudo is the only good Mexican hang-over food.

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I would. At least you’d find out if it’s safe for later dates.

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Huevos rancheros is the cure for the hangover.

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I love mexican food after (or at the end of) a long night out!

As far as hangover food in general, my rule is if it sounds appealing, then you’ll be fine. If the thought of whatever the food is makes you feel nauseous, then it’s probably a bad idea.

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I would stick to something with a little less spice, hey white castle is the world wide hang over food.

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I wouldn’t eat it, but yes it seems safe.

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Its safe until it comes out.

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Am I reading correctly that menudo is made with tripe? Just the thing for GI problems.

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if it’s appealing to you, i guess

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@Blondesjon:And this from someone who won’t let his new baby llama spit on him?

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Yeah, I’m mexican but still think menudo is gross I can’t even stand the smell of it

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Mmm menudo. What about enchiladas?
On the serious note, I totally agree with @la_chica_gomela.

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In mexico is vey popular to eat chilaquiles and a cerveza, after the hangover but they have to be very hot(spicy)

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We chicken enchiladas and “I feel fiiiine” (John, Paul, George and that drummer)...

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@jjmah You chicken enchiladas feel fiiine?

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Haha…obviously, my head was still a bit foggy.

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