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What is "your song"?

Asked by Poser (7805points) March 10th, 2008

Do you and your S.O. have a song? If so, what is it, and why?

Also, why are love songs all so cheesy?

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litle wing – jimi hendrix, me and my girl love that song

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Hey Jude. Paul wrote it to John Lennon’s daughter during John’s nasty divorce and it… damn it gets me every time.

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dreaming of you by selena (R.I.P) is mine, bf is a dj so he makes new ones for me all the time :P

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faithfully by journey

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“dis” is not retarded I like talking about my husband! Are you jealous because either you have no special someone or you just aren’t as happy to talk about them as we are. If not then you don’t have to answer! Ok got it good!

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lost without you by robin thicke
because the words are special to us…
and its really the only song I can sing for her ;0P

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ohhhh… wow. I didn’t even read “significant other” I have only recently seen that abbreviation from Delirium so… ok…

OUR song is: All you need is love.

I know that sounds stupid but… the first four times we played like pistons that song would pop up on his iPod, it was almost scary, so we decided the cosmos have selected “our” song.

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Radar Love! We’ve just got this thing…

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Somersault by Zero 7…Sia you rock

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hearts burst into fire by bullet for my valentine, great song

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so close in the movie enchanted

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My gf is almost 50, so I had to complete “Barry Manilow Appreciation 101.” We sing made up versions of “Even Now” and “Mandy” to each other on a near daily basis.

Also, “Come What May” from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

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Ours was “When I fall in love.” When it plays in a store or someplace, I always sense it’s on purpose—like my husband is there or I’m supposed to pay attention to something special. A bit weird sounding, I realize.

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All I Need Is You-Silent Point/Anyone But You-The Moldy Peaches these actually are our songs this year my husband picks a two new songs every year on our anniversary.

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‘The Day Before You’ by Rascal Flatts…that was our wedding song.

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Mad World by Gary Jules from Donnie Darko.

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lately it’s been “no one” by alicia keys.

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The first time I kissed my girlfriend was(when we you were young) By the Killers was very romantic.

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And You and I – Yes

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stuck in the middle with you. I don’t remember who sings it. its from reservoir dogs

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Dont take the girl- Tim McGraw
I would do anything for her and could not live without her.

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well i dont have a bf. but i think a good “our song” would be
Everthing by Michael Buble. i ♥ that song!

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Ours was… Oh crap I forgot, I always was good at blocking out bad memories.

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<3 it

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used to be “Viva La Revolution” by the Adicts…now I don’t know.

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sea of love-cat power

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