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Have you ever seen a ghost move something, or throw something?

Asked by babaji (1440points) April 17th, 2010

Ever been totally scared by a Ghost, or the actions of a Ghost?
or maybe even had some communication with a Ghost?
Saw these Ghost debunkers actually come across some angry ghosts, that were throwing things and wouldn’t let them into a room. Some abandoned hotel from back in the 1800’s.
when i saw a brick go spinning upward and a stick move back and forth like it was being held… this was way beyond Ghosts making contact by noise or sounds or electrical activity.

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No. Because ghosts do not exist.

That said, I do not like being in the dark and am particularly susceptible to autokinesis. But at least I understand the mechanism through which the phenomenon occurs.

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There is no ghost! I’m rational. Why bother to talk about something that’s not even exist?

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Casper almost moved me to tears once, awww bless him.

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I’ve heard plenty of stories about poltergeists, but never experienced it myself. Or any ghost, for that matter. I don’t believe they’re real, at least, not under the definition which seems to be general…my father claimed many times that he was sensitive to ghostly activities, and told me a few stories, and even one in a house we lived in. Never saw anything myself though, and if I did, as much as I love ghosts and vampires, I’d probably look for a more plausible explanation.


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We used to have one of those three-tiered hanging baskets in our kitchen for fruit etc. One time I walked in to the kitchen and I swear I heard something like a bird’s wings flapping behind me. I turned around and the basket was swinging. I was the only one home at the time and I know there weren’t any birds in the house.
I don’t know if was a ghost, spirit, or whatever, but it was definitely unsettling!

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Call meeh, Craaazy. But I’ve been stalked by demons. >.< It all started when I went to my friend Allie’s house, with my friend Holleh. They told meeh the woods were haunted. I was like Uhmm. I doubt it. We chnaged and went out into the woods. And we were juust walking around. They took pictures and were harrassing this skunk. Allie got waaaay to close to it as it chased us to a little hill. Where Allie threw a stick at it as it gave up. After that we were walking around and walked to where trees had crosses on them and chairs and ect were sitting there from Allie’s old cubhouse,. She hadent put it theree and they freaked out as we ran telling meeh the last time that they went theree, they got chased. Allie got pushed as we were stalked by demons. We heard laughing and found notes saying please stay dont leave. We freakedout. Allie got possesed. Shes fine now. Buut meeh and Holleh, when we are together we have that creepy feeling and know were being watched. Its a scary scary thing.

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