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Do you believe you can contact Spirits from the dead, through a Quija board?

Asked by babaji (1440points) April 17th, 2010

it’s just a game that shouldn’t be played by yourself, so the makers say. Do you believe you can contact Spirits?, or do you think it is just people pushing their energy toward what they want to see in the answer? Heard any interesting stories dealing with this?

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No. It is all a load of idiosyncratic movements of your hand causing that thing whatever it is to move. It is better to focus on real life rather than making yourself crazy with these things.

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I believe that you are prone to swallow a lot of “spiritual” nonsense. You appear to be a very credulous person.

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I think people who played that kind of game let their imagination consumed them.

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I contact spirits via the whiskey bottle, on ocassion.Jack Daniels is a regular “visitation.”

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Yes but I prefer to wait until after 7pm or on weekends when I have unlimited minutes!

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I had an intuitive friend who made a board out of a file folder. Yes, it can work. You can contact spirits in the right place with the right people.

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I don’t believe this can be done. The only thing I might believe is mass retardation hysteria, that is, concerning the people making an attempt to call the dead, and then believing they did, although nothing actually happened beyond someone moving the thing themselves and everyone somehow believing some ghost did it.

And if I did believe in spirits and ghosts, well I’ve read enough stories about them to know that, generally, they don’t like being ripped from their place of rest, and that if they’ve any business with you, they’ll seek you out. Would hate to get my ass cursed for pissin em off, know what I mean, jellybean?

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My 13-year-old kids know it’s a bunch of crap, but sometimes wishes and fairy-tales triumph, even in the minds of putative adults.

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For sure…to this day I still love wondering in old abandoned farmhouses and imagining that it’s haunted, but if I thought they actually were, I’d never go.

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It’s either that you can contact the dead through those mas-produced pieces of cardboard and plastic, or my 5th grade friend Melanie was right and I was the one moving the pointer to contact her dead cat at that sleepover. You decide.

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Apparently you can do it with just a pencil and a piece of paper. I think the trick is to get in touch with whatever alternate realm supposedly lies beyond, instead of what you’re using.

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To be honest im affraid to try it.

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@ucme… you are so funny, you always make me

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Bob Larson said once that they are a media for Demons


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I believe its true. Im sorreh but I do. After my demon experiance. Meeh and my friends got stalked by a demon. Never joke around, with that stuff.

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@AliHay What was it like?

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Nope, never have never will I am a complete skeptic although I do enjoy watching the “Ghost Hunters” scare themselves.

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strong WHISPER


Call meeh, Craaazy. But I Sware to Jebus, I’ve been stalked by demons. >.< It all started when I went to my friend Allie’s house, with my friend Holleh. They told meeh the woods were haunted. I was like Uhmm. I doubt it. We chnaged and went out into the woods. And we were juust walking around. They took pictures and were harrassing this skunk. Allie got waaaay to close to it as it chased us to a little hill. Where Allie threw a stick at it as it gave up. After that we were walking around and walked to where trees had crosses on them and chairs and ect were sitting there from Allie’s old cubhouse,. She hadent put it theree and they freaked out as we ran telling meeh the last time that they went theree, they got chased. Allie got pushed as we were stalked by demons. We heard laughing and found notes saying please stay dont leave. We freakedout. Allie got possesed. Shes fine now. Buut meeh and Holleh, when we are together we have that creepy feeling and know were being watched. Its a scary scary thing.

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@AliHay So someone had moved a few chairs, and scattered some notes on the ground, and you assumed it was of supernatural origin? It is natural to feel like you are being watched when you are in an unfamiliar environment, it is an instinct we have inherited from our ancestors to be alert when there is a high chance of a predator being nearby. What was Allie like when she was ‘possessed’?

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I knew you wouldnt believe the whole chair thing and probably thinkk im paranoid or some shit buut you have no idea. At one momment, Allie, Would be like, Ya’ll lets go, and then she’d be like, Stfu I hate ya’ll, Go away now. And she went behind this building all clueless and come back from behind it her eyes red, anger throughout her face, clinching her fists. Holleh, was like, “Allie?” And She was like, “WHAAAAAAT!.” Theeen after that we tried to get her to come back to her house, and she acted like a little kid saying come swing with meeh, and bounce with meeh, (On a matress near by) And we walked up to her porch and she went through a door blocked by a plants in her house that they didnt use, and she was like what. And it was creeepy.

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@AliHay Is this the only occasion your friend has displayed erratic behaviour? Intense fear can trigger psychological events. Maybe she needs to talk to someone about it.

For many centuries ancient cultures believed that epilepsy was a sign of possession, but we now know that it is a neurological event. If you found that night creepy, and so convincingly scary, your friend may have been even more severely affected to the point of a psychological event.

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Their house is also haunted [so is the woods, behind it]

Her parents never believe her.

Her brother never sleeps in his room, because there’s whispers, laughter and voices, and they’ve seen faces.

And one day, I told Allie to leave her phone at homee.

She did.

With NOONE home.

[She swares on her life she didnt bring her phonee]

Plus i went home with her thaat day and she got it outta tha closet.


I texted her number.
[called during our ten minute break at school also and heard loud breathing and a creeeepy noise, like when you put two phones close together,]

then texted
Saying Hello.

Whatever it was.

Hello. who’s this?

It sent:
[what do you want.]

I put whats you’re name?

It said Seth.

I said what or who are you?

It said I am demon.

I said what do you want with Allie?

It said,

[I dont like you.]

I said why not?

It said.

because Allie understands meeh.
Annd you and Holleh are trying to take her away from meeh.

I said no we arent, buut she’s my bestfriend and you cant have her.

It didnt reply.

I then said where are you?

It said in roof.

I said ohh.

Then I said, look if you realleh love Allie, you need to let her go.
You scare her. She doesnt like demons or even the thought of them. She’s a christian,.

He seemed all sad and said, Goodbye.

I said huh? Where you going? Anyway i can help you?

It said.

home and you have.

I said huh how?

It said, you told meeh what i need to do.

And I said okaaay, uhm bye.

then it said goodbye but remember there are more.


Sooo yeah.


. . . . . . .

And Allie called like a couple minutes later.
[she knew i was textting the demon, bc i tld her to leave her phone homee. for that reason.]

She was like, uhmm what happened? I feel like happy and like im not being watched anymoree.

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@AliHay A demon that listens to the reasoning of a human, speaks like Smeagol, and texts on your friend’s phone? I give up.

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@FireMadeFlesh I totally want to use that as a quote in my profile.

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@FireMadeFlesh Done, and thanks. :)

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@FireMadeFlesh Wtf? Lmao. I had a feeling you wuldnt believe meeh.

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Ever considered the possibility that she is just messing with you because she knows how easily you jump to the supernatural demonic conclusion?

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@AliHay If you have read my other posts on here, I am a strict materialist and do not believe in the supernatural or superstitions of any sort. However I do maintain an open mind, and I was hoping you would be able to present some sort of experience that would expand my view of the world. Unfortunately you were not able to do so.

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