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What kind of newspaper is The Telegraph in the UK? How is it regarded?

Asked by kevbo (25621points) April 17th, 2010 from iPhone

I seem to be finding a lot of headline-type links that interest me opening stories from The Telegraph, but I have no idea how the paper is regarded in terms of credibility, etc. Thanks.

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I don’t live in the UK but it seems like it is a legitimate enough newspaper/site. According to Wikipedia it is more conservatively aimed.

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The Daily Telegraph is one of the better newspapers as well as The Guardian and The Observer.

The newspaper you want to avoid from the UK are The Daily Mail and basically any tabloid.

I’ll give you one small reason why to avoid The Daily Mail:!/group.php?gid=269512464297&ref=ts

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Right wing opinion but solid journalism. The crossword is pretty good as well.

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Never bought a copy. Heard much about it. It is a Broadsheet, which is supposed to impress. There is a connection to Conrad Black. Make of that what you will.
Right Wing – I believe.
More of a Guardian type, myself.
Although, caution is still advisable.

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The Telegraph is considered a paper of record. It may be right-wing, but of the British sort (which is still left-wing compared to Americans).

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Center right.

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@Ame_Evil Your link shows an article that says blow jobs cause throat cancer.
What if you don’t inhale?

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Highly regarded broadsheet, but too much on the conservative side for my taste.

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