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Which musician would you choose/have chosen to sing at your wedding in an ideal world?

Asked by ucme (46559points) April 17th, 2010

Whether you’re married or planning to in the future, if money had been no object which singer songwriter classical or mainstream would you have just loved to perform for you & yours?

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Either Steve Perry, Phil Joel, or Blaine Harrison. Actually, I’d marry Blaine, so maybe not have him sing…<3

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I would have Steve Martin sing at my wedding. He’s got a lovely voice.

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Joe Cocker or the guy from the band Chicago singing, “Color My World”.

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I’d ask David Bowie to sing “Wild is the Wind”.

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Pink- Please Don’t Leave Me.

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Bob Schneider serenading us with World Exploded into Love.

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No singer. I prefer only a small classical band or the orchestra.

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I would marry on the same day as @Trillian in a location next to her’s and ask David to do an extra gig at mine.
We could split the costs.

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Trans Siberian Orchestra playing our wedding march.

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How about the Dolly Parton classic D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Well it would be kind of uphill from there on in would it not?

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Did we all notice that the question of marriage actually to me does not even occur to him? Waaaahhhhhhh! (sniff sniff) Thanks @rebbel! Hangs head, kicks viciously at an un-offending can lying on the ground

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James Taylor singing “You’ve Got a Friend” for a nice, mellow wedding.

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Yay I love Toy Story!!

ucme's avatar

@Trillian Surely not?

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@ucme Shirley who? Knott? Is this a veiled reference to yet another of your wooden puns?

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Sarah Harmer singing Open Window. She has a beautiful voice and that is a beautiful song.

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@Trillian I’m going out on a limb here but, did you expect anything else…no didn’t think sow.I might branch out into another form of humour,or am I bark- ing up the wrong tree?

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If I could have anyone – living or dead – I would probably choose Billie Holliday or Ella Fitzgerald.

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Elvis singing Love Me Tender, except that my wife might want to run off with him.

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@ucme You’re actually knot barking up the wrong tree, it’s a dogwood. It’s am arbo-real nice one two, with ruff bark and I’d like yew to leaf it alone, mmm-kay?
I’m going to work now.
As always, it was a pleasure.

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Rascal Flatts, God Bless the Broken Roads:

This is my beloved wife’s and my song. We both had to walk a lot of broken roads to find each other.

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@Trillian Rubs eyes,nighty night!

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Steven tyler, or Beyonce.

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I want them to spray fake blood and alien slime all over the guests and sing about boners. It will be an awesome wedding

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billy joel would be cool. or maybe bruce jammin out to pink cadillac. but…of course…my heart desires michael jackson to be singing “the way you make me feel” duh. if he was not available i’d take elvis.


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jerry garcia

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Ella and Louis singing “True Love.”

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I wouldn’t have minded having Heatwave sing Always and Forever at my second wedding. At my first wedding, Guns & Roses should have been there singing Welcome to the Jungle.

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Dave Matthews Band

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Aretha Franklin and Daryl Hall with a duet of “Endless Love”.

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Whitney Houston, from her pre-wheezing days.

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In a perfect world John Hiatt would sing this at my wedding:

Have a Little Faith in Me

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David Bowie – Wild is the Wind
Brook Benton and Dinah Washington – Baby You Got What it Takes (I did play this at our wedding as we walked down the aisle)

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Now how fun would it be to have snoop dog at your wedding? really think about it. o and missy eliot, Is it worth it, let me work it, put your thing down, flip it and reverse it.

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Art Garfunkel singing Bridge Over Troubled Waters.

@ucme D-i-v-o-r-c-e was actually by Tammy Wynette.

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@SuperMouse Well yeah I knew that but i’d rather have Dolly there see, keep abreast of the nuptials you know.Come to think of it Billy Connolly’s version would be best get some laughs.

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Barbra Streisand of course!

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Dean Martin. Actually, since it’s fantasy Can I have a re-union of the Rat Pack please? all sadly gathered now of course, but ooooooo wouldn’t that be wonderful? this is a great question actually.
huggles xx

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@bunnygrl Why thank you cute bunny wunny ;¬}

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I would alternate Norah Jones, Alicia Keys and Beyonce.

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@ucme <blush> thank you :-D
<throws mountains of hugs> xx

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At the time we got married, it would have been Kate Bush.

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Michael Buble. Actually, in an ideal world, he’d be singing to me, because he’d be my groom! LOL

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