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Just for fun. How long will it be before we have robots to do all our chores?

Asked by philosopher (9152points) April 17th, 2010

I heard we are going to have cars that drive themselves soon.
How about self loading washing machines? A robot that washes and polish floors etc?
What do you want most?

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Dishwasher: check
Washing machine: check
Kettle: check
Microwave: check
Icecream maker, bread maker, coffee maker, hoover….
Now all I need is some kind of automated finger!

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I think this is as automated as it gets. Im not so lazy that I need a state of the art machine that costs thousands of dollars to do something I can already do for free. I bring my laundry basket to my washing machine and load it myself, and I cant picture a machine doing that for me…it would probably take it twice as long. Not convenient.

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We’ll have them by the year 2000. No worries.

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Don’t hold your breath. This was a favorite fantasy idea when I was a kid. We were drawing pictures of this idea in schoolrooms the 1950s. We imagined it would come to pass far in the future—like by 1975. By 2000 we would all be living in sleek high-rises connected by monorails in the sky, zooming around in personal flying machines, wearing disposable clothes so we’d never have to do laundry, and zipping back and forth to Mars whenever we felt like it. Waited on hand and foot by personal robotic servants. Not a clue how we were supposed to earn a living; maybe somebody was going to pay us for sitting around.

Ironically, the more we farm out the chores of moving around on our behalf, the more likely we are to have to pay somebody for the privilege of using a facility where we can go move around and work off the weight we gained sitting still.

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Milo here; In our house we already have one, and it ain’t me.

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U.S.-500 years

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20–50 years and they will be in the nano size.

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I want a robot to clean my bathroom, I have 3 boys.

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They’ll reside in the tank and eat bacteria at the molecular level someday. It’ll give new meaning to those scrubbing bubbles.

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No for real. That will be the least of their tasks. Entire surfaces will be completely covered with nanotechnology. The entire world will be a living crawling working interacting and informative network of machines at the tiniest scale imaginable. Imagine a car finish that corrects dings, dents and paint scratches through self repair. Imagine food, minerals, materials created from the molecular level atoms at a time. Watch matter appear before your eyes as if it materialized but was simply created by billions of nanobots. The future is astounding.

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@SeventhSense .. acually its kinda scary.

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We’re almost connected to this machine as we speak. It’s a natural progression.

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LOL @SeventhSense
I said for fun. Good Job,
I love scifi somethings will come true.The Internet happened.

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I saw the Japanese robot.
A little thing.

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in 2012 when the world fails, we’re space-crafted to another solar system, and live where our feet don’t even touch the ground. (I really hate those 2012 rumors it’s all just a bunch of crap!) but if they’re true.. then I stand corrected

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Recently, a new robot was released that actually folds towels by itself. We may have robots doing all of our chores sooner than you think.

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I would like a washing machine that drys, irons and folds the clothes. I work in process control, there are many more applications available for robot work. If I was just starting out I would be looking into robotics as a field that is bound to grow.

What we need is more robots and American technicians and fewer imported slave labor.

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I wouldn’t mind a slave

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@SeventhSense I can’t describe how opposed I am to slavery. Although if Hallie Barrie wanted to volunteer to be my sex slave, I wouldn’t object.

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Yes if only it was a victimless crime. I guess we have to wait for our clones.

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Widespread use? Well, I’d say 2030.

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I have been watching some interesting robots. Check ou this link. and this one too.

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@philosopher: LInks don’t work. Sorry.

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@gailcalled, you have to copy and paste them into your address bar.

@philosopher, you can make a hot link by enclosing the pointer term within quotes, immediately followed by a colon, like this:
Directly after the colon you put your link, such as
and it comes out like this.

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