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What are SC connector and SC adapter?

Asked by ilovechoc (142points) April 17th, 2010

the title says it all.. lol.. I just want to know what are they used for

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It is an acronym for Subscriber Connector of Standard Connector. It is a type of connector used to couple devices in home into a fiber-optic network. Here’s a picture.

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I work with fiber optics, and ETpro is correct regarding the SC connectors. There is no adapter for connecting SC to anything other than another SC that I am aware of, except for light meters and OTDRs, and that kind of thing, though there are patch cords with different connections on either side.
However, I also use a module to connect wires, which is called an SC connector. There are probably a lot of different things with the SC label. Maybe you can tell us a little more.

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@filmfann :

Thanks! so actually we need to connect/ align the center of a fiber towards a center of…let’s say a glass tube.. Is it still possible to do that? and which one do I use, the connector or the adapter? pardon me if I’m taking a long time to understand this as I’m really new to this stuff. Once again, thank you so much!

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What is your light source, and what class is it?
of course you can aim a fiber optic strand towards the glass tube, but the light will disperse fairly quickly. What are you trying to do?

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