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What are the facts about the Clinton scandals and is John McCain suposed to be like George Bush?

Asked by jdogg (871points) March 10th, 2008

Just want to know the facts soI know who to root for.

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Are you in the United States. Just curious, it will slightly affect my answer.

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To start.. McCain is going to be a third term for Bush. They are not the same person but they share the same policies.

All of the Clinton scandals are well done. The info is out there if you want to look for it. I don’t see anything coming back to hurt her. She has moved into a level of politics that I am not comfortable with. She is proving that she will lie if that will allow her to win. Two weeks ago I would have voted for her if she got the nod. I’m not so sure now. She has really pissed me off.

And don’t forget about Obama. He leads in about every metric on the democrat side. Rumors of his demise are exaggerated.

You would have to put a gun to my cats head to get me to vote for McCain.

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Not only do they share the same policies, the administrations (the people in the executive branch and at the tops of agencies, and so on… the people who actually run government from day to day..) will be the same.

Obama will win the Democratic nomination unless something spectacular happens (check out the math of it all.)

Obama is more like Bill than Hillary is, which is a good thing IMHO. I still wih Ron Paul would win, but I’ll likely end up throwing my support behind Obama.

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one of my friends is a Hillary freak. What can I do to help him understand Hillary isn’t a miracle. I swear he’s obsessed with her.

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@aaronblohowiak, just curious, in what possible way(s) are Ron Paul and Barack Obama similar enough that you could vote for either?

Many of Ron Paul’s positions appear to be diametrically opposed to the major candidates, so I’m interested to hear how he might be viewed compatibly with Obama (or Clinton, or McCain for that matter).

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@robmandu: i am of the belief that the execution of a well-thought plan based on ideals is imperative to success. The key is to have those ideals being the enrichment of the american people. The scourge that plauges us is not that we are chosing plan X instead of plan Y, but rather that our government is focused on keeping politicians in power and corporations helping them get reelected. What we need (IMHO) is a man of integrity and clarity to provide sincere leadership for the benefit of the american people.

RP is much more of an Ideologue, but his ideals are based in a respect for the individual.

BO takes the statesman approach where he eclectically picks what he think is best to get people the help they need.

Both would have different policy approaches, sure. But the net result of either approach (if executed with integrity and skill) is the betterment of the country.

Obama isn’t enough of a boat rocker to really threaten the status quo, but I don’t think that he’s stupid enough to pander to zionists and blatant corporate greed. (Like McCain and Clinton, respectively.)

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I would like to add that I don’t want a leader, I don’t want a person that doesn’t read polls, and I don’t want a decider.

I want someone that represents the American people. Make decisions based on polls.. That is why we elected you.

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wow johnpowell it may because im so fucked up but that sounded really empowering when I read that out load.

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I’m fucked up too… Coincidence?

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did you mean to say “That is why we elected you.”?

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I get what you are doing there. And I agree.

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Oh wow i am fucked up. Lol i read that as “I fucked up too…Coincidence?” As if referring the the past thing you wrote, which is why i responded as i did. Now im really confused. What is it exactly am i doing? And why do you agree? Ignore if these are just incoherent ramblings.

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….u guys need to start from the beginning X_X

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This is the part of the evening where I start to eat cold pizza. Later, it has been a interesting night in flutherland.

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Jesus what a night. I ate E and saw Justice and came home to me still being clearly belligerent on fluther.

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hey unerbatman waves to my bed whatss up? yea crazy night…..

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jdogg, we will never know all the facts, or if the facts we know are true.
Let your friend be a Hillary freak, is it really such a bad thing.
Just be there for your friend, when she’s not at the White House for phone calls at 3:00AM.

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@johnpowell: representational democracy is not the election of proxy voters, it is the nomination of decision makers. Fortunately, I have the founding fathers on my side with this one :D

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As far as I know, here’s the facts on Clinton scandals:

-never been officially charged with anything criminal regarding Whitewater or cattle futures, despite multi-million dollars investigations into these
-did fire members of the White House Travel Office staff; it’s still debatable whether this was warranted; Hillary has herself acknowledged that it was mishandled and that she learned a lot from the experience
-did have over a hundred FBI files on Republicans/opponents in their possession in the White House
-currently under investigation for campaign finance fraud for Sen. Clinton’s NY senate campaign, in the state of California (google Peter Paul, but take it all with a grain of salt)
-Prez Clinton issued a number of controversial pardons at the end of his presidency, including pardons to major donors like Marc Rich, paying clients of Hillary’s brother and Puerto Rican terrorists (FALN)
-Frmr. Prez Clinton may have brokered a deal on behalf of a Canadian businessman to mine uranium in Kazakhstan in exchange for a $30 million donation to his foundation and a pledge to donate $100 million more (check New York Times article on this)
-Prez Clinton was disbarred as a lawyer for committing perjury in a sworn deposition in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case (where allegations of improper relations with Monica Lewinsky came up)
-although he was impeached by the House, he was exonerated by the Senate

It’s hard to separate fact from opinion, by the way. I’ve tried my best. I’m not claiming, however, that this list is complete or wholly unbiased.

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