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what is the best car to buy in $3000 budget

Asked by lenny (80points) March 10th, 2008 from iPhone
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It really depends.
Usually a used car, you might want to look at focus zx4’s on craigslist.
That is, if you could find them that cheap.
just keep checking for the car you want, you’ll get it eventually.
I got a porsche for $900 last summer. It needed some work, but now it runs beautifully.

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Thank you very much. What about hondas and toyotas

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if you prefer them, go for it. I would just say to go for what you can get… there’s a lot out there and some amazing deals, if you’re willing to wait.

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From Consumer Reports:

LESS THAN $4,000
Acura CL ‘98
Buick LeSabre ‘99
Chevrolet Prizm ‘98–00
Ford Crown Victoria ‘98–99; Escort ‘99; Mustang (V6) ‘98
Honda Accord ‘98; Civic ‘98; Odyssey ‘98
Mazda B-Series (2WD) ‘98; Millenia ‘98; ProtegĂ© ‘98–00
Mercury Grand Marquis ‘98; Tracer ‘98
Nissan Frontier ‘98; Pathfinder ‘98
Subaru Impreza ‘98; Legacy ‘98
Toyota Corolla ‘98–00; Echo ‘00; Sienna ‘98–99

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Honda Civic or Accord. My husband drives a 1992 Civic to work for gas purposes and it’s still working.

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I drive a Nissan 300zx I got for $2000, it runs great (kinda) even though it’s like 24 years old. It’s sexy, which is the only thing that makes me not kick myself right now for paying $3.20 on 20 mpg.

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If you looking for reliability…then honda’s or toyota’s are the way to go. For $3000 you are looking at a high mileage car. Honda and Toyota engines last well beyond 100K.

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Try to buy a car from someone you know, less likely to get ripped off.

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99 mustang fastback if u like muscle cars gets get good miles I used to have one I customized it.

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(Some advice) Crown Victorias suck if I were u I would go with my suggestion

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A Yo-Go! I am guessing that you are looking to buy a Used Car? What city do you live in? A bike may be a better investment. Cheers!

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Used Toyota or Honda! O_O

Something like a 93 toyota camry or corolla.

My 93 camry was used when I got it for 2500 in the newspaper a year and a half ago. Never had a problem with it since.

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ok first of all you never buy a focus unless you are a gay or you are unemployed trying to look good for a job interview
good cars come from countries other than the US….toyota,honda,mazda,nissan, and VW are cars that have good mileage and drive well
if you want to be specific the best kind of cars are:

1.any kind of civic and/or accord
2.mazda rx-7,rx-8, or mx-6 corolla and/or camry sentra, s13–14-15,maxima, or skyline
5.VW golf GTI, maybe rabbit(depending on year and condition), or golf R32

Take this advice and don’t fall for GM’s black magic commercials

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